Rob Ehrens announces Team Netherlands for World Equestrian Games….


Dutch Chef d’Equipe Rob Ehrens has announced the riders that will represent the Netherlands at the Alltech World Equestrian Games in Normandy. Ehrens has chosen Schröder, Van der Vleuten, Dubbeldam, Vrieling and reserve Schuttert.

The official Team for the Netherlands will be composed of;

– Gerco Schröder with Glock’s London N.O.P.

– Maikel van der Vleuten and VDL Groep Verdi TN NOP

– Jeroen Dubbeldam Zenith SFN

– Vrieling VDL Bubalu

– Frank Schuttert with Winchester HS (reserve)

The team is led by head coach Rob Ehrens, Team Vet Arie Hoogendoorn, Team Farrier Gerrie de Crom and Team Manager Ad Wagemakers.

“For the World Equestrian Games, you need to have enough experience for such a championship drive” says Ehrens. “Combinations in top five These riders have this off-season proven that they are there. Gerco, Maikel and Jur with these horses obviously proven themselves at this level well over the years. Jeroen we know as a rider like no other work. For an event That he has already proven with this horse. Wherever he went, he was there. “

“Rabo Talent of the Year Frank Schuttert is also a very valuable candidate for me. Reserve course is a thankless position, but a very important one. He should be able to fall when it is needed and therefore stand. Frank is 20 years still very young, but I definitely think he can. And we are not there yet. There is always something happening with the horses or riders. A strong reserve which joins the entire preliminary planning is very important. “

The expectations of Ehrens are clear: “This is a team that, given the shape and quality of riders and horses, gold can win. Of course it is in jumping so that it can freeze and thaw, and a bar cases quickly, but that applies to all countries. I go for the highest. “

Source: CHIO Rotterdam