Security failure in St. Gallen results in injury of Staut’s Quismy des Vaux HDC…


Yesterday morning at CSIO5* St.Gallen, Quismy des Vaux HDC was found quite badly hurt in her stall. During the evening between Saturday and Sunday, Otello du Soleil, the stallion of Roman Duguet, is thought to have escaped from his stall and to have found the mare of France’s Kevin Staut, Quismy des Vaux HDC. It appears the system of security at the CSIO event in St. Gallen failed in this instance.

“I am still in shock, as are all the riders and grooms who were present in St. Gallen. It was the first time we have seen this” commented Emmanuèle Perron-Pette, owner of Haras des Coudrettes to Grand Prix Replay. In arriving in the stables of CSIO5* St Gallen on Sunday morning, those on scene discovered Quismy des Vaux HDC injured in her box, accompanied with Otello du Soleil; the stallion in association with Swiss rider Romain Duguet.

“The stallion escaped from his box and broke into the stall of Quismy des Vaux HDC. They must have remained together for at least one hour because in the morning when we found them, they were calm. The other horses around them were much more in a state of panic” said Rolex testimonee Kevin Staut to Grand Prix Replay Magazine.

It has been reported that Quismy des Vaux HDC was considerably injured. The midnight entry of Duguet’s stallion resulted in a large haematoma and has resulted in a serious limp on her right side, which is thought to be due to injury to the right hindquarters area. Those who were in attendance during the morning of Sunday, June 7th, reported there was a considerable amount of blood on the scene.

“It is necessary for us to wait for the haematoma to reduce in size to determine the expanse of damage” said Jérôme Thévenot, the veterinary surgeon of the French Team, who was on the scene for the first administration of care to the distressed mare. Quismy des Vaux HDC will not be able to compete for at least three to six months. If, however, there is further damage to be diagnosed, such as to the cartilage of the leg, then it looks as though the mare’s career could be over.

“[Otello du Soleil] escaped from his box in the stables during the night from Saturday to Sunday and broke into the stall of Quismy des Vaux. The mare was found with numerous contusions, a haematoma, bruises and is strongly lame. It is impossible to establish a definitive diagnosis because we must wait until the haematoma and bruises disappear. We are all very shocked by what happened to Quismy. It is outrageous that this could happen at a CSIO5* event. Our mare is back at the stables where she is receiving the best care and our full attention” said HDC on their official Facebook page.

The latest update from St. Gallen was that the mare’s status has improved over night. We wish Quismy des Vaux a full recovery and our thoughts are with Kevin Staut and Haras des Coudrettes following this terrible news.

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