Stal Eurocommerce looks to Abu Dhabi with anticipation…

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Published on November 19, 2012


ell as you know, one of our favorite stallions, the stunning Eurocommerce London, caught his direct flight out of Liege, Belgium with Callahan and Gerco’s lovely groom Lais for the grand GCT finale this past weekend. The end of the 2012 Global Champions Tour, set to be hosted in the shining center of the United Arab Emirates is sure to be quite the event.

Many in the industry have been waiting with baited breath, hoping that we can see the amazing Olympic silver medal combination fashion the Dutch orange in the far East and sure enough, we will. “We can and want to allow Gerco and London a unique sporting challenge” says director Ger Visser JR. of Stal Eurocommerce.

One and a half weeks ago, Rabobank reached an agreement and once again released of the passports, allowing the Eurocommerce horses back in competition. According to Visser it is difficult to find the financial resources in order to allow the horses to attend competition, but they found a way for Schröder to compete this weekend in Abu Dhabi. ”

After all that the combination has done this Olympic season for us, and the Dutch equestrian area, Gerco and London cannot miss Abu Dhabi. We would not want to be responsible for this”, says director Ger Visser JR. of Stal Eurocommerce.

Two-thirds of the top thirty riders in the world find themselves on the start list for this week’s spectacle. Gerco Schröder will be accompanied by his fellow countrymen Marc Houtzager, Harrie Smolders and Maikel van der Vleuten.

However, the battle for the annual 2012 Global Champion Tour title will be decided between Edwina Tops-Alexander and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson. An almost unbridgeable distance stands between the two leaders and next in line, German Olympian Christian Ahlmann with 180 points in third place.

The stars that make up the rest of the GCT Top 10 ranking are; Denis Lynch (IRE) and Philipp Weishaupt (GER), Richard Spooner (USA), Michael Whitaker (GB), Marco Kutscher (GER), Ben Maher (GB) and our very own Gerco Schröder – all of which have either won several podium places or consistently featured high up through out the season.

Look like it’s not just the temperatures that will be heating up this week in Abu Dhabi….. it’s going to be an exciting finale.

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