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Published on July 26, 2013

ph. Noelle Floyd
ph. Noelle Floyd

The three Individual Olympic medallists from last year’s London Olympic Games came together last week in Chantilly for the first time since they stood together on the podium in Greenwich Village. Joining together in front of the famous Chateau de Chantilly, Steve Guerdat, Gerco Schroder and Cian O’Connor shared their feelings about what it’s like to win an Olympic medal and how it feels now, almost a year later.

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Q: Talking about expectations, Cian, what were your expectations? You come into the Olympics at the very last moment, you come into the Final at the very last moment. Was this whole trip to the Olympics already a win for you because you were there? How did you work your way through that week? It must have been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Cian: Sure, absolutely. It’s a good way to describe it. I suppose, we’re all in the same sport, but many of us do it different ways and there are many roads to Rome and there are many ways in which you can find success. My situation is a little bit different, being based in Ireland and not being on the shows every week. I fund myself by buying and selling horses so I put a syndicate together to buy Blue Lloyd with the aim of going to the London. So obviously, to get there was the first part of that goal and then to go there, I suppose you can equate it to race horse training, it’s about being able to deliver on that day. It’s no good just winning a class here and there, it’s being able to say, I want to deliver. I suppose what has taught me that is Nations Cup jumping, when you jump on the team, Friday at 3 o’clock you have to produce the goods and I have jumped on over 90 Irish teams and that has taught me to be tough, resilient and mentally strong when its important. I think that has stood to me at the Championship level.

Q: Steve, for you especially, you produced the first double clear, then you had the last two horses to go, Plot Blue and Marcus Ehning, a perfectionist, and then also, the horse that never makes a fault, Big Star and Nick Skelton.

Steve: If i’m honest, not to say anything about the other horses, I was only thinking about Nick. I was getting ready for the jump off. I really didn’t wish him a fence down, I would have liked to go in the jump off. I was ready to go one more round, my horse was ready to go one more round, the way he was jumping, he’s a fast horse. It was not like I was scared to go once more, I really thought I had to go once more against Nick, but then I heard the fence coming down. Especially after I watched him jump the triple combination, I thought, that’s it, I will have to go for the jump off. We were learning the jump off with my trainer, just when we heard the crowd shouting, and then we thought, ok.

Q: So who brought you the news of your Olympic gold?

Steve: The noise, the noise of the people.

Q: And then, what goes through your mind after that?

Steve: It just goes so quick, you know. You have all these people coming at you. There’s just a few you really want to be with but there is no place really to escape. I was actually really lucky there was a jump off, so that gave me five or ten or fifteen minutes to be a little bit on my own with my friends and my family. Because then straight away your taken by all the officials and they tell you when you have to go left and when you have to go right, where you have to look. So that’s not much of a celebraton first of all, so I was lucky there was a jump off to sit down and to think about how great that moment really was. If I’m honest, I’m sorry, but until I went into the ring I really didn’t know who was second and who was third. I had no idea what happend in the jump off but it was good with the two others in the jump off. I think on a sport point of view, it was the best the class could have been, the way it went.

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