Steve Guerdat points to food contamination in Preliminary Hearing with FEI…


The Swiss Olympic gold medalist and recent World Cup Finals Winner Steve Guerdat spoke at the preliminary court hearing of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). This meeting was held via conference call in the presence of his lawyer Giuseppe Bianchi, his legal counsel in the person of Dr. Eleonora Ottaviani and veterinary Dr. Marco Hermann (veterinary of the Swiss Sports Equestrian) and Dr. Hans George Stihl (veterinary stables of Steve Guerdat). Steve Guerdat was not required to appear in person at the headquarters of the Federation in Lausanne, Switzerland.

During the hearing, Steve Guerdat appeared under FEI rules as the person responsible for his horses, pleading the cause to be food contamination and calling for the lifting of the Provisional Suspension.

The FEI Tribunal will now analyze the plea and soon give its verdict. Steve Guerdat hopes for a quick and clear response from the FEI so that he will be able to participate with the Swiss team at the upcoming European Championships in Aachen in mid-August, and prepare in good conditions at the CSIO event at Hickstead.

Due to the current proceedings, Steve Guerdat will not make any other public statements or interviews related to the above mentioned case. He thanked all his fans, his team, his owners and sponsors for the confidence shown so selflessly during this difficult time.

Source: Statement