Toulago to Deusser and Antello Z back to Hanley….


Following the latest developments in the sporting career of World Games mount Toulago (Toulon x Carthago), Stephex Stables has announced that Toulago will join the exciting team at Stephex Stables. The well known stables in Belgium has come to an agreement with the owners of the horse to add Toulago to the successful mount to the Stephex Team whereby Germany’s Daniel Deusser, currently ranked No.2 in the World, will have the ride.

Stephan Conter of the Stephex Group has invested in the 10-year-old gelding. The association between Stephex Stables and the Haber family has as goal to commercialize the gelding with the eye towards the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The talented Antello Z has returned to Irish rider Cameron Hanley, together with the eight year old Cas 2. A solution has been reached between Hanley and the previous owners Eleonore Paschoud and Yves Bouvier. The well-known mount Antello Z along with Cas 2 are now under the full ownership of Cameron Hanley.

The 10 year Belgian-bred gelding Living the Dream will arrive at the stables of Pius Schwizer this evening and will remain with the Swiss rider.

We wish Cameron and his horses the very best for the 2015 season!

Source: Pius Schwizer Official/Stephex Stables