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Published on August 28, 2012


he 2012 Swedish National Champion

A big congratulations to Daniel for winning the National Championships in Hendriksdal. The son of famous Swedish rider, Royne Zetterman and brother of 21 year-old Alexander Zetterman, Daniel proved that perhaps it is in the genes after all.

The 27 year old Swedish superstar won the highly acclaimed championship on a horse bred by the Zetterman family, who run Springfield Farms.

Daniel didn’t have to venture far to sweep up the 2012 National title, as he is based at home with the rest of the family in Linderod, Sweden.

This title is sure to make the handsome Swede, that much more popular with the ladies, although somehow I don’t think that’s possible.


“We have had so many good rounds this year and had a lot of 4 faults in GPs, which was a bit unfair because we’ve been so close. It was really nice to win a big title and do it at the Swedish Championships, on my home ground felt really good. Riding our home bred Glory Days at the highest level and moment like this makes everything so magical and it’s a great feeling.”

Daniel Zetterman 

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