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Published on October 12, 2012


ell after a great break in France, I’m back in Belgium and enjoying every opportunity to catch up with everyone here. It seems though, as soon as everyone arrived back from Rio, they were all on the first flight over to Oslo. Rodrigo and the rest of the International riders have gone from the beautiful heat and warmth of Rio to the colder, Northern temperatures of Norway.

I, myself, am very much looking forward to seeing Oslo with my own eyes. All my friends here speak so highly of the show and say it is a lot of fun. I have never been to Norway so it will be enjoyable just to see the country for the first time. This weekend will be exciting for it is the first leg of 2012/2013 World Cup season and from what I hear, is set to be quite an action packed 7 months.

Who am I most looking forward to seeing?

Well, I’m quite interested to see Tina Fletcher’s Ursula with Olympian Scott Brash. She will now be named Hello Ursula and add further depth to Mr. Brash’s string. Also, Sergio Alvarez Moya will be in attendance and I’m also curious to see the Spanish rider with Nick Skelton’s Carlo, who the young rider purchased only last month. Germany’s Philipp Weishaupt is on quite a winning streak. Philipp is a super nice guy and I am never the only one happy when he wins yet another class.

I’ll be staying with the rest of the riders next to the show grounds at the Quality Hotel Expo. Nice to know I can walk over to the grounds in the morning. I expect it will be a bit cold!!!

Looks to be a good weekend but I will be sure to pack my Canadian jackets. Norway is the furthest North on the European continent I have been… expected high of 8 degrees, low of 3 degress. Wooohooooo… Winter has arrived!!!



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