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Published on October 10, 2012


umping – Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping Standings 26/02/2012 Western European League (2011/2012)

So how did everyone do last year you might ask…. Mr. Fellers may have won the Finals in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands but it was France’s poster boy Mr. Staut who was leading in Western Europe with a 9 point lead over World numero uno Rolf-Göran (79). Denis Lynch sat just behind the Swede with 77 points. Each division has its own league or sub league.

Now things will kick off here in Western Europe in Norway this weekend but the fight for top ranks for the North American East and West Coast League already started this summer in Canada and the United States. So we will also have a look to see how everyone is doing across the Atlantic to get a better idea who we can expect to see in Sweden next April.

  1. Kevin STAUT (FRA)
  2. Rolf-Göran BENGTSSON (SWE)
  3. Denis LYNCH (IRL)
  4. Marco KUTSCHER (GER)
  5. Patrice DELAVEAU (FRA)
  6. Pius SCHWIZER (SUI)
  7. Steve GUERDAT (SUI)
  8. Ludger BEERBAUM (GER)
  10. Nick SKELTON (GBR)
  12. Luciana DINIZ (POR)
  13. Marcus EHNING (GER)
  14. Philipp WEISHAUPT (GER)
  15. Scott BRASH (GBR)
  17. Harrie SMOLDERS (NED)
  18. Emilie MARTINSEN (DEN)
  19. Ben MAHER (GBR)
  20. Maikel VAN DER VLEUTEN (NED)
  21. Katharina OFFEL (UKR)
  22. Dermott LENNON (IRL)

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