Zangersheide speaks out against lost Carthago Z cloning capacity…

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Published on May 22, 2013

ylord Carthago with Penelope Leprevost is one of the famous offspring of Carthago Z
Mylord Carthago with Penelope Leprevost is one of the famous offspring of Carthago Z

Zangersheide released a statement this week regarding the death of Carthago Z. In the statement, they speak out against the unneccesary loss of the famous stallion’s genetic material, in which Zangersheide criticizes the policy of Holsteiner Verband.

“Zangersheide has been trying for several years to capture for breeding through the cloning technique, genetic material of Carthago Z. It is the short-sightedness of the board of the Holsteiner Verband that this was not successful and lost forever stallion for breeding, “says Zangersheide.

“We deeply regret that the ones who have been wronged here are the breeder of Carthago Z and breeders worldwide, we hope that they (Holsteiner Verband) will take off the blinders to prevent such losses in the future. The removal of skin cells for genetic material is a tiny operation and a small investment. The cells can be kept for several decades before the cloning itself is put in motion. That will not happen again for Carthago Z.”

Carthago Z was a proven breeding stallion as well as skilled competitor, already having many horses jumping at the highest levels; he is also the sire of several approved stallions and has over 900 registered offspring. He sired such top competitors as Davos, ridden by HRH Prince Abdullah Al Saud, Mylord Carthago ridden by Penelope Leprevost, Cha Cha Z ridden by Judy-Ann Melchior and Old Chap Time ridden by Eugene Angot.

Source: Zangersheide Statement/ Translated


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