Zoe II joins Lorenzo de Luca at Stephex Stables…


Despite news that Mike Collin’s Zoe II, previously ridden this past season by Italy’s Lorenzo de Luca, would compete under Britain’s Ben Maher at London Olympia, news has now surfaced that the horse will remain with Lorenzo De Luca. Having moved from Neil Jones Equestrian to Stephex Stables this month, it seems that Stephex Stables has acquired a 50% stake in the talented 10 year old mare. In addition, an Italian sponsor by the name of Rory Marzotto has acquired the other half.

It seems that another strong combination has joined the Stephex Team. Last Sunday, the Lorenzo de Luca and Zoe II finished 7th in the Rolex Grand Prix of Geneva. Last month they won at the five star event in Verona, Italy.

Source: Neil Jones Equestrian