A Dressage Queen and a Cowboy: Kasey Perry-Glass and Dana Glass

A Dressage Queen and a Cowboy: Kasey Perry-Glass and Dana Glass

Kasey Perry-Glass and Dana Glass may be married and in business together, but their backgrounds in horses couldn’t be more different. But, that’s what makes them interesting – and what makes their business work. In fact, it’s almost like their secret weapon. 

What can dressage and horsemanship learn from each other? How did they decide to integrate their businesses together, and how does it work? How did they meet, in the first place? 

Today on Equestrian Voices, Caroline Culbertson sits down first with Kasey to dive into some dressage-related fan questions, and then with the couple together, to chat training progress, rider fear, differing philosophies, and why you’ll never catch Dana on the back of Kasey’s Olympic mount, Dublet.  

They discuss:

  • Tips from Kasey on: the sitting trot, downward transitions, and working through tension with an OTTB
  • Competitive dressage versus classical dressage, and why they need to become one in the same (or at least more similar than they are now)
  • How to handle tough moments with your horse when you feel like you should get off (they’ve got differing views on this!) 
  • What it’s like when they ride each others’ horses
  • How when you’ve achieved great things like winning a bronze medal at the Olympics or a silver medal at the WEG, your business still isn’t necessarily “made”
  • And more