Archie Cox on Generational Knowledge, Tradition, and Trainer Responsibility

Archie Cox on Generational Knowledge, Tradition, and Trainer Responsibility

You hear it all the time: “Young riders today don’t know about horsemanship.” “Kids today just want to get on and ride.” “There are no more barn rats.” These complaints point to a larger potential issue of losing generational knowledge. Is it something we, as horsepeople, should be concerned about? 

To help us answer this question, we turned to Archie Cox, owner and head trainer at Brookway Stables. Along the way, our broad conversation covered a lot of ground that should hopefully make us all feel a little better about the future, and a little more empowered about how we can all become better horsemen. 

Archie has been immersed in the horse world his entire life, and has operated Brookway Stables for 23 years. During that time, he’s coached numerous horses and riders to national titles and wins at the biggest shows in the country, and remarkably through it all, he’s kept the same manager, farrier, and vet. His daily routine revolves around starting early (as in 3am!), staying consistent, and keeping things simple - all of which he says contributes to his amazing success in the industry. 

In the conversation, host Caroline Culbertson and Archie discuss:

  • Whether riders in 2023 know as much about horse management as riders in 1983
  • The role of “tradition” and its connection to safety and function
  • How passion acts as the driving force for those who seek out knowledge
  • Social media, and why it’s such an important tool in horse education
  • Archie’s two C’s: Consistency and Curiosity
  • How to find your “flavor” of riding, and why the industry needs all types of riders
  • The responsibility of trainers in teaching horse management as well as riding