Behind the Scenes of Running a Boarding Business

Behind the Scenes of Running a Boarding Business

It seems like at least once a week, you'll see a social media post or an announcement about another boarding barn closing its doors. A lot of boarding barns that are up and running have long wait lists, and it calls into question what boarding barns are up against. To understand that, you have to understand all of the things that go into running them. 

In this episode of Equestrian Voices, Caroline Culbertson chats with Julia Tucker who owns Ardenwood Farm in Chapel Hill, NC, about the realities of running a boarding-only (i.e., without a head trainer) business. There’s the financial side, the staffing and labor side, and even the emotional side. Running a boarding business is not for the faint of heart, but horse owners deeply rely on these operations, since keeping horses in our backyard isn’t a reality for most.

In this episode, Caroline and Julia discuss: 

  • How Julia built her farm from an uncleared piece of land to a full-fledged boarding facility
  • The decision to raise board 
  • What daily life as a barn owner looks like for Julia
  • How to be a great boarder and make your barn owner feel appreciated
  • Advice for other barn owners for staying on top of finances
  • Some listener questions

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