Buying and Selling Horses Under $40K

Buying and Selling Horses Under $40K

What if you don't have $100k to spend on buying a horse? Join the club - there's a whole lot of us! 

It's time to give this portion of the horse market some air time. 

What's the buying or selling experience like in the, say, $40,000USD and under range? How do we find good quality horses in budget? Where do we look? What's a PPE like in that price range? How are those horses valued? 

Today on the podcast I have the lovely Pippa Moon to walk us through this. Pippa has described selling horse under 40k as the “bread and butter” of her business. While she is originally known as a top level eventer having competed up through the (old) CCI4* level, her business now is heavily focused on sales in the hunter/jumper, eq, dressage, and eventing disciplines. Her home base is in Aiken, SC where she sells roughly 30 horses a year, although this year she’s set to far exceed that number. 

In addition to the questions above, Pippa and I chat about:

  • What types of horses and clients she sees searching under 40k
  • Trends in horse prices in each discipline and how they compare to one another 
  • How the horse market has changed in the past 3 years in her view
  • Tips for people who are searching for a horse in this price range

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