Equestrian Voices Is Hiring a Part Time Podcast Assistant

Equestrian Voices Is Hiring a Part Time Podcast Assistant

Applications are closed for this position. Interviews are underway. 

Equestrian Voices is a 3x award-winning podcast under the NOELLE FLOYD brand with an incredible community of listeners. In order to optimize the value we can bring to the community, we’re looking for a part time assistant to pitch in on the operational needs of the show.

Responsibilities may include: 

  • Sitting in on recordings (remotely) and taking notes. Candidate would need to have reasonable availability for these recordings, which typically last a couple of hours. Schedule varies but is generally reasonable (no midnight recordings… so far). This position can be remote. 
  • Assisting our digital marketing manager with uploading recordings to YouTube. It’s great if you’d like to learn or expand your skills in simple video editing. 
  • Assist in the show editing phase 
  • Collaborate with Caroline and our audio editor, Kattie, to ensure the highest quality show is being published. You’ll have a chance to pitch ideas and guests as well, and may do some talent booking. 
  • Assistance with maintaining a publishing schedule on social media (as we launch a dedicated EV Instagram account) 
  • Writing Podcast episode descriptions for website and wherever podcast is published
  • Selecting compelling podcast clips, both written and audio, for social media and marketing use

Qualifications include: 

  • A strong passion for podcasts and the equestrian community. This would be a great start for someone who would like to eventually start their own podcast. 
  • A keen ear and eye for the details.
  • Excellent attitude and energy - someone who is a joy to work with! There’s a lot to learn in this role, and we want someone who is truly excited by that and goes above and beyond. This is more important than any technical skill. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • The ins and outs of producing a podcast, running an episode from start to finish, and how to storytell and engage an audience. 
  • Potential to learn basic audio and video editing skills, if that interests you. 
  • The role of digital marketing in the podcast landscape. 
  • The skills that would eventually serve this person as a podcast host, associate producer, etc. 
  • Talent booking, communications, and basic project management. 
  • Copywriting and social media marketing skills
  • You’ll learn about the current landscape of the podcast industry, sponsorship and advertising, and more. 

This position is a remote position and would require approximately 20 hours per month to start. 

There are 2 steps to apply:
1) Send us an email at hiring@noellefloyd.com with your resume and a short note about yourself. In the subject line, write "Podcast Assistant" followed by your favorite animal and number. This will help us match the voicemails to the emails. For instance: "Podcast Assistant - 34 Unicorn" 

2) Leave us a voicemail in our Equestrian Voices voicemail box telling us why you want to get involved. ‪(236) 428-7868‬
At the beginning of your message, state your name, favorite number and animal. Then proceed with your message. Be brief - it will cut you off at about 2:30! 

Good luck!