Is a Young Horse Right for You? With Kama Godek

Is a Young Horse Right for You? With Kama Godek

Have you ever dreamed of, seriously considered, or actually bought a young horse? *Raises hand* 

Most of us fall somewhere on that spectrum, enticed by the seemingly infinite possibilities that the ‘unknown’ of a young horse offers. With low or no “miles”, young horses are exciting because we don’t know what their ceiling is - and it makes us expand our minds on what our limits are, too. 

There’s a lot to consider with young horses, and their development to bring out that potential is a process that isn’t desirable or practical for every rider. Some riders and trainers love the journey and dailiness of bringing along a young horse, and will see the fruits of their labor unfold years down the road. 

In this episode, host Caroline Culbertson (@caroline.culbertson) is joined by 5* show jumper Kama Godek, who works with young horses on a daily basis and also has years of experience pairing horses and riders together. Kama understands what works, what doesn’t, and what young horses require. 

In this episode, they discuss: 

  • Main reasons why people seek out young or undeveloped horses (money is a big one!) 
  • Understanding if you have the setup and the skills for a young horse
  • Kama’s mental exercise of three main things to consider when considering a horse to buy
  • Pre-purchase exams on young horses and what really matters

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