What Frame *Really* Means with Jacqueline Brooks

What Frame *Really* Means with Jacqueline Brooks
“I can’t get this horse into a frame!” 
“Pick up the reins and put your horse in a frame, it’s time to work!” 
We’ve all heard some variation of these phrases. But let’s break down what FRAME really means and refers to. There’s so much more to it than just the shape of the horse. Who better to break it down than Jacquie Brooks, a 2x Canadian Olympian who has trained 30+ horses (!!) up through the Grand Prix level in dressage. She coaches jumpers and eventers as well and knows all about the horse’s frame across disciplines. 
Warning - this episode is CHOCK full of detail and information. You may want a notepad for this one, y’all. Jacquie and Caroline discuss:
  • What ‘frame’ really refers to (hint: it’s not about the head and neck). 
  • An effective visual exercise to understand your horse’s energy and balance better
  • At what point in a horse/rider’s training do they need to worry about ‘frame’?
  • How to tell if the horse is looking posed versus actually working effectively
  • The magic of a neck rope

Join host Caroline Culbertson and Jacquie Brooks, as they unpack this topic and what getting you horse in a frame really means.

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