What’s Your Horse Trying to Tell You About His Bit? (Part 1)

What’s Your Horse Trying to Tell You About His Bit? (Part 1)
Is it just us, or can finding the right bit for your horse feel like a shot in the dark? 
Sure, we have a general understanding of how certain bits work, and maybe you know a little about your horse’s mouth. But for most riders, the knowledge stops there. And that’s because historically, we haven’t HAD much information about bit and bridle fitting and function the same way we now have info about saddle fit, for example.
FEI rider/trainer and certified bitting specialist, Stephanie Brown-Beamer, and host Caroline Culbertson get into the weeds of bit and bridle fit and function in this two-part episode. They discuss: 
  • How horses tell us the bit they have isn’t working
  • What happens when the noseband is too tight to compensate for a bit they don’t like
  • Debunking the idea that “thicker is milder and thinner is harsher”
  • How the tongue’s function affects the horse’s entire self carriage, head to tail.

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