What's Changing with Modern Pentathlon Since the Tokyo Debacle?

What's Changing with Modern Pentathlon Since the Tokyo Debacle?

In an episode released on August 12, we addressed the troubling display of poor riding during the equestrian portion of the Modern Pentathlon with Rick Maynard, Tik Maynard, and Peter Holmes - all of whom have been very involved in the sport either currently or previously. 

Now, we're following up and seeing what's in the works. What proposed changes are coming down the pipeline to help Modern Pentathlon evolve into a sport that can support good riding, good horsemanship, and reasonable expectations of those horses and riders? Are they enough? What aspects of the problem do they address?

Canadian National Champion, Development Coach, and member of the Riding Working Task Force, Joshua Riker-Fox, joins us alongside fellow Canadian National Champion Pentathlete Tik Maynard. Along with host Caroline Culbertson, they discuss: 

- A look inside the proposed changes and what needs to happen next.

- What we can learn about making change in our own sports and disciplines.

- A case for keeping the equestrian portion in Modern Pentathlon

- Personal reflections on how changes happen in sport, who is in charge of them, and what the equestrian community can learn from this turning point in MP. 

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