Why Is Colic (Still) Such a Big Problem?

Why Is Colic (Still) Such a Big Problem?

It's 2021. Soon, we'll see autonomous cars on the road. But we still can't predict or prevent colic?

Whether the horse you love is a pasture puff living on grass 24/7, or he's an international competition horse with a groom waiting on him hand and foot, he's susceptible. Why is colic still so prevalent in horses? Do we just have to accept that it is? What are we missing?

Host Caroline Culbertson sits down with Dr. Paul McClellan, DVM, to unpack this big question. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • An in-depth understanding of colic - it's not that horses are poorly designed. 
  • The slow uptake and implementation of new research and information. 
  • What is working against us in the modern care structure. 
  • Empowering information and knowledge for modern horsekeeping
  • Why "natural" doesn't always mean "better"

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