You Don't Have to Show to Be Here w/ Young Black Equestrians

You Don't Have to Show to Be Here w/ Young Black Equestrians

There are a million ways to exist with horses. You can: compete or not compete, own a horse, not own a horse, ride every day, or never ride (just petting horses is pretty darn great). 

Sometimes it feels like we only hear the stories of the competitive riders, but it's so important to hear stories of all types of equestrians. That's how we connect to each other and find 'our people' in this big world. 

In this episode, we'll hear from Abriana Johnson and Caitlin Gooch who have built their lives and careers in horses without ever stepping foot in a show ring, and have found an abundance of fulfillment and meaning in a cause that's larger than themselves.

Their podcast, the Young Black Equestrians podcast, is a crucial act of recording black history as it's happening - and in doing so, they've helped black equestrians who interact with horses in all sorts of ways find community with each other, too. 

Abriana and Caitlin's story of linking up with each other is also a testament to the power of the "horse girl connection" and their clarity in their mission and 'why' in this sport will inspire you to solidify your own. 

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