Your Horse Is a Mirror. Do You Like What You See?

Your Horse Is a Mirror. Do You Like What You See?

Do you know those riders, trainers, or grooms that horses just love being around? What is it about them that makes horses so drawn to them? 

And how do we all become one of those people? 

Dr. Sam Fielding coined the term “energetic intelligence” and much of her performance coaching focuses on how your mental state affects your horse. So, how do we become aware of how our nerves, or anger, or distractedness are affecting our horses? And once we’re aware, how do we fix it? 

Host Caroline Culbertson and Dr. Fielding also discuss: 

  • How mares and geldings differ in their mannerisms and energy, and why some people don’t seem to connect as well with mares
  • Why there’s a lot you can do from home to improve your performance in the saddle
  • How the same things that get in your way in the saddle, are probably showing up in other areas of your life

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