Philipp Weishaupt: Rules of the Game ebook

Philipp Weishaupt: Rules of the Game ebook

One of Germany’s most talented young showjumpers, the 32-year-old professional was born into a prominent equestrian family and grew up surrounded by horses at the family’s training barn. He began jumping at the young age of 8 and, trained by his showjumper father, he always knew he wanted to pursue a career in the sport alongside his brother, who recently took the helm of the family business.

Among Weishaupt’s high-flying achievements is his resounding victory in the 2016 Aachen Grand Prix with LB Convall, the same mount that he rode to the win at the Masters. Weishaupt is undoubtedly in the midst of his rise to the top of the sport. To mark the moment in time, he’s put to paper his winning formula—his golden rules, if you will—that he applies to his jumping game.

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