How the Equestrian Community Inspires Me to Be Present for Every Precious Moment

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s it just me or does it feel like we’ve been living in 2019 longer than 20 days? It was only 20 days ago that I pledged myself to adhere to this year's installment of my New Year’s resolutions and focus on the goals I planned for the 12 months to come. As a journalist, I interview and write about equestrian’s stories, dreams, and goals and am constantly inspired by their tenacious determination to do whatever it takes to achieve what they set out to do – be the best horsemen (and women) they possibly can be. And with that, I am constantly inspired to be my best, too. Through crafting stories and finding arresting visuals to help illustrate my words, I, too, am trying to be the best version of myself.

New Year's resolutions might be cliche, but there are still very good reasons to consider writing some down.

So when I looked up how to define the word "focus", I came to a realization that there’s not one way to describe that simple word to fit every equestrian's life. If you’re an elite athlete, you are trained on your goals, your horses, your program, how you will reach the upper echelons of the sport. As an equestrian journalist I concentrate on my words, the way I portray my subjects, and producing engaging stories that keep readers yearning to come back for more.

And with that, my friends, I give you today's photo theme: focus. A collection of heart, grit, hard work, and determination to make those precious moments in the ring count. This is how I define focus:

David Engelen prepares for a dressage test.
Edwina Tops-Alexander quietly considers her upcoming round.
Lorenzo de Luca stares down the next fence.

How do you define focus?

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All photos by Sophie Harris, SEH Photography. 


Written by Lizzy Youngling

Lizzy Youngling has been a die-hard equestrian groupie since the age of three. Although not in the saddle as much as she’d like, Lizzy is a fan of all things horses. When she’s not writing for NOËLLE FLOYD, she can be found at the boathouse training with the United States Rowing National Team in Princeton, NJ with the hopes of competing at the 2020 Olympic Games.