Give Me a High Waist or Give Me Nothing: Why Riders Are Obsessing Over High-Waisted Breeches

Give Me a High Waist or Give Me Nothing: Why Riders Are Obsessing Over High-Waisted Breeches

Two of NF's editors tried out the high-waisted, Aisling breeches for a recent photoshoot. Let's just say they are properly addicted to this flattering, trendy, saddle-friendly look and couldn't wait to share their experience with NF readers.

Lizzy Youngling, NF Daily Editor

A few weeks ago during our NF Team week (hello, sunny Wellington!) our fabulous Director of (hey, Whitney!) so graciously asked us if we’d pose for a few shots in the newly released Aisling breeches. Never to turn down a chance at playing dress-up, Erin and I happily obliged. I must admit, this was the first time I had the opportunity to wear legitimately high-waisted breeches, and I was blown away.

In putting on The Caitlyn Breeches by Aisling Equestrian, I felt as if my world stopped. How could a pair of riding pants feel so effortlessly comfortable, yet look so fantastically chic and flattering on my 6’1” rower's frame? I didn’t want to take them off and I needed them in my riding wardrobe ASAP.

Whether you’re rocking breeches in the barn or jeans on the town, these breeches flatter all body types. Hugging all the right places, the higher waistband magically shapes a woman’s body to show off all her best assets. As my grandma always told me, “If you got it, flaunt it!”

Erin Lane, Director of NF.insider

I truly can’t over-express my dedication to the high waist. I don’t wear anything low-rise. Never have, never will. Give me a high waist or give me nothing.

When Lizzy and I threw our hats in the modeling ring at our team retreat in Wellington, I was pretty psyched to find that I’d be donning Aisling’s Bianca breech. They’re so high in the most glorious way. They hit at that perfect place; above the navel, below the ribcage. They are insanely flattering in every way, the pockets were so chic, and the fabric reminiscent of a perfectly tailored trouser.

I honestly don’t buy new riding clothes often since I’m a babe on a budget. But these pants are coming home to mama – they’re wallet-friendly, and they’re versatile enough to go with anything and everything.

Ready to try out high-waisted breeches for yourself? Shop Aisling at today!