7 Breeches, 7 Days: Business-like to Badass, and Everything in Between

7 Breeches, 7 Days: Business-like to Badass, and Everything in Between

Breeches - they're an integral part of our daily equestrian uniform. They come in all sorts of different fabrics, colors, styles, rises, grip varieties...and finding the right pair can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I took a week to try 7 different brands and styles of breeches (4 pairs I didn't own, and 3 I did) and kept a daily diary of my candid thoughts on each pair after wearing, riding, and living in them.

DAY 1: Equo Breeches | Navy

I'm starting my week out in a brand I've never tried before - EQUO! I immediately loved the color and fabric -it's a lightweight yet structured technical material that is seriously flatting. These breeches hold me in in all the right places. In the saddle they offer plenty of grip thanks to their extended silicone knee patches that go slightly higher than the usual variety. I love wearing navy & grey together (basic, but always looks good!), so the grey piping on the front pockets are a lovely detail.

DAY 2: My own Animo Naspre Breeches | Calla Beige

I got these breeches after Taylor (of The East Coast Equestrian) chose them as her favorite in my Little Breech Book. They're very supportive yet provide plenty of stretch. I usually only wear these for shows to keep them as tidy as possible, but rules are meant to be broken, right?

DAY 3: Pro Horse International Jem Breeches | Black

These breeches made me feel like a total badass, and I got so many compliments at the barn in these. The inky black with a slight sheen is sooo chic and flattering. That slight sheen is due to the fabric, which feels like a workout legging. Tbh, this worried me at first - my trainer and I both thought they might be a little slippery, but the silicone knee patches are great and once I was riding I didn't even think twice about it. This was another breech I went in blind on - I'd never seen them in person or even read a review on them prior. I'm really pleasantly surprised by these. They have all the makings of a high-end Italian breech at almost half the price of others. I got these in a large and they're a little loose in the legs, so if you're in between sizes I'd go down in this style.

DAY 4: My own RJ Classics Gulf Breeches | Navy/Tan Patch

A hot day calls for a pair of good ol' RJ's. I've found the sizing to always be consistent, they're wonderfully light and stretchy, and the price is right. Because of their stretch, I can pull them up a little higher on my waist, but I'm looking forward to these in a true mid-rise.

DAY 5: Callidae C Breeches

When I put these on, I feel like I exude high-end equestrian style. The leather-trimmed belt loops and pocket are such gorgeous details; for the fashion lover in me, these cater to my every desire. Real suede knee patches make them a truly luxe item, and with that they require a bit of extra care in the wash. Luckily they don't attract dirt and hair, so I think I can manage another wear before washing.

DAY 6: My own GhoDho Aubrie Pro Breeches | Black

It's starting to become apparent to me that I have a "type" and I'm not talking about men. I like my breeches mid-rise, stretchy, and with plenty of grip. I'm wearing these to work today - they're that comfy.

DAY 7: Struck 50 Series Schooling Breeches | Steel

I'm ending my week in one of my favorites - Struck's 50 series breech! I've raved about these ever since I got my first pair a couple of years ago, and I'm still deep in my love affair with them. The hype is real, guys. 'Nuff said.

Phew, that was a lot of breeches! If this week has taught me anything, it's that comfort reigns above all else for me. I think there is power in a great breech that can make you feel like you can take on the world - or at least that fiery chestnut mare.

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Photos by Sara Shier Photography

Written by Karina Harris

Karina Harris is the founder and creator of "The Hunt" and creator of The Little Breech Book. Follow her on instagram.com/thehunt_eq or visit her website at thehuntequestrian.com