A Closer Look at the Willowdale Steeplechase

A Closer Look at the Willowdale Steeplechase

On a foggy morning in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, jockeys clad in vibrant silks, eager children leading fuzz-covered ponies, and excited onlookers decked out in a juxtaposed mix of weathered rain gear and traditional English garb flocked to a rolling grass field for a yearly tradition on America's east coast: a day at the annual Willowdale Steeplechase.

Willowdale is an event that blends tradition with the unexpected - uniting equestrian enthusiasts from all walks of life for an event that harkens back to the fox hunting days of England's past. In Issue 12 of Noëlle Floyd Magazine we ventured behind the scenes of the historic race and all that comes with it.

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We loved the timeless photos so much, it was almost impossible to choose just a handful for the magazine. We've decided to bring you, as an Insider, behind the curtain to take a closer look at all things Willowdale.

Photos by Dani Maczynski.