Hungry Minds and Open Hearts Can’t Lose: Find Out What’s Inside The Second NF.edit

Hungry Minds and Open Hearts Can’t Lose: Find Out What’s Inside The Second NF.edit

Traveling down an internet black hole of NF.edit product research and my own holiday shopping, I came across a video of the Founder and CEO of Glossier, Emily Weiss, speaking at the 2017 Female Founders Conference. What Weiss had to say about the inherent nature of the beauty industry stuck out to me as head of the NF.edit, our quarterly subscription box.

“Anything that’s beauty related is a great conduit for conversation. It’s an equalizer between women,” Emily said. “You can meet someone and not know anything about them or be nervous to start a conversation, but the second you say, ‘Oh I love your lip gloss’ or ‘Your skin looks amazing, what do you use?’ you’re off to a great start.”

Much like what we’re about here at Noëlle Floyd, the conversation starter that connects new riders to each other more often than not sounds like, ‘How long have you been riding?’ or ‘What’s your horse’s name?’ But after watching this conference, I feel that the same can be said for health and wellness, clothing, and self-care.

The stories and experiences of our common love for horses is the foundation of, NOËLLE FLOYD Magazine, and NF.insider. But now, with, and especially the NF.edit, we want those conversations to extend and expand further, sharing details on your life and realities as a rider that regardless of discipline, level, or background, only another horse person could truly relate to and potentially benefit from. #sharethelove #sharetheknowledge

We’d love to see more conversations about self-care happening among riders. To me, I want to read more conversations online that sound like this:

“My hands are always so dry after doing all the barn chores in the winter. SOS! What kind of heavy-duty lotions would be great for a hands-on equestrian?”

“I never sleep well the night before a show. Then I’m exhausted the whole next day and I’m probably not riding at my best. What are tips or practices for better sleep?”

"We want to help you be in the know on what’s out there, who’s making it, and how it can benefit you. And we want to be by your side the whole way."

This ideology aside, it hasn’t escaped me that much like our fave beauty items or regimens, self-care is extremely personal. We share a common sport with common realities, but the brands and products that help each of us as individuals may be very different.

Deciding on what brands or products you want to put your money and time into is a big deal. So while I have you here, I want to say this loud and clear: The NF.edit is a curation of products to benefit riders, but we’re not here to sell you on the idea that everything included will be perfect for you.

Curious about the NF.edit? Start your self-care journey now.

The brands you’ll find in the second NF.edit – and the many to follow in future boxes – are those that fellow riders and NF staff personally stand behind in quality, use, and mission. Defined, our mission is to introduce new-to-you products and the people behind them that can elevate your life in the saddle in all its many forms.

We are curating a collection of top picks that are 100 percent worth your time to try, but you should be encouraged to be your own curator in all aspects of your life. That’s the whole enchilada, my friends. That’s what the NF.edit is here to do. We’re an instigator of that belief. We want to help you be in the know on what’s out there, who’s making it, and how it can benefit you. And we want to be by your side the whole way.

With this in mind, I invite you to discover the contents of your second box, and I encourage you to keep an open mind. Take the time to try new product and learn more stories. Who knows, you may just make a connection or start a conversation that impacts you in areas of your riding life in a whole new way.

Diamonds in the Dirt

Savvy | Muscle Creme

Retail Value: $28.00

“Common Sense Skin Care For Strong Women”. “Down To Earth Beauty”. The messages that welcome you to the Diamonds in the Dirt website and social media are more like mission statements or manifests of what this clean beauty brand is all about; bringing the benefits of simple formulas and organic and natural ingredients to the strong and active woman.

Like many of the artisans that we partner with for the NF.edit, the sister act team of Sarah Donnell and Ruth Madeja have formed a brand that is a true labor of love. As equestrians themselves, they understand the sometimes harsh realities that riders experience and were inspired to bring that same emphasis on care that we place on our horses to the women of horse sport as well.

But these products are not only for the equine-inclined. The hydrating, restorative, and protective qualities of every product can be applied to any woman who spends her time outdoors and in the elements.

A Beautiful Formula - Learn More About The Founders of Diamonds in the Dirt

And while in those elements, you often experience the ache of tired and sore muscles. With the Savvy ⏐ Muscle Creme – one of Diamonds in the Dirt’s #1 bestsellers by the way – they’ve developed a dual action creme that not only soothes those aches and pains but also hydrates your skin with ingredients like organic aloe, organic coconut oil, deep penetrating arnica, and chamomile, just to name a few.

A perfect way to heal and help your body for those long hours at the barn and for the gym-goers like German Olympic eventer Julia Krajewski that add on a CrossFit workout to their riding day.

Aligned with so many of the goals we have for the NF.edit, collaborating with Sarah and Ruth is continuing to help us connect equestrians and athletic women everywhere both to each other and to the products that can give them a leg up, whether in the competitive arena or day-to-day life.



The Lip Treatment

Retail Value: $26.00

Say the name Bibimbap [now oh + august] five times fast! It’s tough, but you’ll find a way after getting hooked on this brand. Some of the values that NF holds and looks for in brands we collaborate with include responsible, clean ingredients, and ethical manufacturing. Another biggie for us is that the product and its maker speak to a purpose or passion (or both).

Bibimbap’s creator, Lynn Mueller, has passion in spades and is using her experience in the show ring and her personal skincare journey to develop cleansers, masks, and a super hydrating lip balm, helping equestrians find their happiest and healthiest skin. What's the one product Lynn can’t live without? It’s The Lip Treatment found in the December box.

You don’t have to be riding in an indoor arena attempting to escape frigid temperatures to know that colder weather is pretty rough on rider’s lips. Beeswax, shea butter, apricot oil, wheat germ oil, lemon balm extract, and peppermint oil are the not-so-secret ingredients to help protect your lips from any of the elements that this #ridelife will throw at you.


Equestrian Wellness

Campfire Story Candle

Retail Value: $32.00

September box lovers rejoice because one of the most popular brands from our first edition is BACK!

Equestrian Wellness is a brand that NF is deeply supportive of for much more than the high-quality health and wellness products they make for equestrians. You already fell in love with the Essential Helmet Spray, their innovative Stable to City Wipes are fantastic, the Dry Shampoo revives even the greasiest of updos with jasmine and vanilla essential oils, but we want to get you on a different EW product kick.

Inside your second box, you’ll unpack the Campfire Story Candle. This hand-poured coconut wax candle smells exactly like a warm campfire or the holiday fire burning in your family’s fireplace. Kasey Perry-Glass loves the cozy feeling a smokey scented candle brings to her home during the winter, and so do we! One of the best feelings is to light your favorite candle to bring some calm and comfort to your house after a rough ride or a long-ass day at the barn.

More than the sweet-smelling vibes this candle will bring to whichever room it’s in, it also provides much-needed support to a part of our community that desperately needs it. Over the past two months, we’ve seen the devastating effects that the Hill, Camp, and Woosley fires have caused in the state of California, leaving thousands of people and animals heartbroken and struggling in their wake.

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends: Equestrians Are Doing Their Part To Support The California Wildfire Victims

Wanting to help in any way, Equestrian Wellness has made several donations in proceeds from purchases of a Campfire Story Candle to the Butte Humane Society in Northern California and the Humane Society of Ventura County in Southern California.

A donation or support in any fashion can be the best gift you can give to those in need our California equestrian and animal community. Here’s how you can help those affected by California wildfires.

Platinum Performance

Platinum Bar EQ

Single Bar Retail Value: $3.10

Single 22 ct Container Retail Value: $66.00

We asked you for feedback about our first NF.edit and a shared desire was for us to start incorporating more items for your horses within our curation.

We’re listening and working to bring you more care products for both you and your horse and the first taste (pun intended) is the Platinum Performance, Platinum Bar EQ.

Riders from many disciplines – hunters, jumpers, eventing, dressage, reining, and barrel racing – are impressed with the results they’ve seen from using Platinum Performance products. Japanese show jumper Karen Polle has been an avid user and supporter of Platinum Performance products, and one such product she’s using lately to fuel and treat her horses is the Platinum Bar EQ.

Stressed About Supplements? Platinum Performance Debunks How To Make The Right Nutritional Choices For Your Horse

Small but mighty, this little bar packs a big (tasty) punch. The nutrients of the vitamins, amino acids, and macro minerals are all in one convenient and cute little bar that’s the perfect healthy treat your horse after travel, work, or just because.


Victorious Jewellery

Custom Cuff Bangle “Life is about the ride”

Regular Mini, Midi, and Maxi Retail Value: €45.00, €65.00, and €85.00

The lucky 20 subscribers who received this beautiful custom cuff bangle are about to develop (if they haven’t already) a love affair with Victorious Jewellery. We first featured this brand in Issue 11 NOËLLE FLOYD Magazine Trendspotting, and now we’re bringing it to the NF.edit. (We’re looking to bring more brilliant pieces to our entire subscriber base in 2019, so stay tuned!)

Inspired by her own riding and love of the country life, every piece Viki creates is made using traditional silversmith techniques so they always have that handmade look.

Handcrafted with an inherent personal feel; this brand and this creator felt like a perfect fit with the goals of the NF.edit and the NF brand as a whole. Whether you’re wearing this cuff as you ride or heading out to dinner with friends, your passion for this lifestyle is always with you with the reminder that “life is about the ride”.

NF.insider Discount

$70.00 OFF an NF.insider Membership

By now you’ve seen the NF.insider logo and hashtag everywhere – that’s because people are buzzing about our latest content platform and for good reason. NF.insider has it ALL. Exclusive behind the scenes videos, clinics, interviews, events, and a year’s subscription to NOËLLE FLOYD Magazine.

For the platform that has everything, we want to give you the opportunity to have all the content that feeds your love for our sport. A subscription is normally $149/year but now, after a 14-day free trial and $70.00 off using your Edit-Access code, insider access is granted to you for only $6.58/mo.

That’s a savings of two lattes per month that you can sip while you read Issue 13 of NOËLLE FLOYD Magazine or catch up on the latest interviews and insights from athletes in show jumping, dressage, and eventing on


We’re still learning about the products you really want to see in the NF.edit. Leave a comment below or start a conversation with our Community Director ( and share how you think NF.edit can continue to support and improve your self-care journey.

Elevate your life both in and out of the saddle. Get over $100 worth of products for only $59 per box. Give yourself the gift of self-care.

All photos by Danica Taylor.

Custom Subscription Boxes Created by Arka.