Dress to Impress (Yourself): How the Clothes You Wear Affect Your Psyche

Dress to Impress (Yourself): How the Clothes You Wear Affect Your Psyche

Let’s face it, our mind is a powerful tool – sometimes in positive ways, and unfortunately, sometimes in negative ways. But did you know that those #ROOTDs and your daily street clothes have a direct impact on your mindset? And what if I told you putting that extra one-percent effort into your daily wardrobe will make you feel better on the inside? Yes, sign me up.

In most cases, we often focus on how our clothes fit and the appearance we project to others, rather than on how our clothes make us think or feel – but why? It’s no surprise that as athletes it’s a top priority for our wardrobe to be functional and fit our bodies to a “T”. But the clothing we wear can also have a significant impact on our frame of mind – ideally for the better.

So let’s master the art of our brain power based on our clothing and recognize how to achieve our best self.

Let’s take Danielle Goldstein, for example. Danielle masters the art of riding in yoga pants with her fierce hair feathers flying in the wind. Who wouldn’t want to feel as confident as she is strutting their stuff in the ring? However, just like how we all have different body shapes or can't fit into the same pair of boots, our minds are also distinctly individual and react differently to the clothing and accessories we wear. A piece that completely boosts the confidence of one rider may reduce another to a self-conscious, nervous wreck. So let’s master the art of our brain power based on our clothing and recognize how to achieve our best self.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Some riders thrive in the spotlight. By simply knowing that they are the center of attention causes them to up their game a few notches. Take advantage of that! If you’re a rider that thrives by turning heads, embrace that strength and let it motivate you to push harder – don't be shy about choosing pieces that really stand out. Even simple pieces in bright colors, like this Ruespari turquoise belt, incorporated into your daily #ROOTD will give you a pop of color to generate those positive vibes. Take it to the streets! Got a belt or shirt you love in the saddle? Who says you can’t rock it in the ‘real world’, too?

Color Your World

SOS! Is your riding wardrobe dated and majorly lacking a sprucing of color? Try adding an arsenal of accessories in vibrant hues that will break up the monotony of traditional riding apparel. Plus, those fun colors will help you find your happy place in the midst of your barn, school, and work routine. Getting creative and a little funky with your riding wardrobe will add spark to your life and empower you to do your best. An added bonus? You may find that adding that extra touch of excitement to your day-to-day attire can go a long way in preventing burnout.

Here at NF, we embrace personal style and encourage you to do the same. Need inspiration? Here are some of the things our editors are lusting after this season.

Photo by Nikelle Lovaas.

Keep It Clean and Simple

Vibrant hues and distinct color palettes aren’t for everyone. Those daring pieces may be mentally distracting and draining rather than invigorating and enlightening. There are those riders who thrive on consistency and routine, and their wardrobe follows suit. Think simple, straightforward lines for a clear head and a clean ride. A minimalist closet with coordinated pieces can help you relax and de-stress your mind to keep focused on achieving your goals. Try streamlining your closet with double-duty pieces like a versatile bodysuit that can go from the barn to the office with no problem. You’ll feel good knowing you look polished without having to waste any extra mental energy by adding yet another thing to your daily to-do list.

Embrace Understated Elegance

For those of us who like to keep things on the simpler side, a more subdued and poised look doesn’t have to mean boring and drab. Place your focus on deeper, richer elegant tones rather than bright, shiny hues. A clean face with a burgundy lip, like Kosås Darkroom, will give you a strong yet bold (and just a tiny bit dramatic) look without feeling quite as risqué as a vibrant red. An added bonus? It’s an incredibly flexible shade and complements every skin tone.

Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

Be Inspired by What You Wear

Whether you crave less-than-orthodox clothing to draw every eye to you, or if you garner inner strength from feeling classic and sophisticated, choose clothing that contributes to a healthier, more complete mindset. Take some time to evaluate what is personally important to you, and seek out those companies that embrace the same values as you. Inspired by powerful, confident women? So are we. Female entrepreneurs and artisans have amazing stories to tell through their apparel. Check out self-funded, female-operated businesses like F. WORDS; you will find pieces that fit your body, support your active lifestyle, and motivate yourself to achieve every goal you set your mind to.

Be a Conscious Consumer
Yes, clothing is important, but you also have to take care of the skin you’re in. Try cleansing your face with Drunk Elephant’s gentle Juju Bar (it’s cruelty-free and vegan!), and you will finish the day feeling good inside and out. There’s a travel size option as well, which is super convenient when you’re on the road.

Who is the most stylish equestrian you know? Cast your vote in the Noëlle Floyd Best of 2018 Awards.

As you curate your ideal riding wardrobe, ask yourself these two simple questions: 1) How do I want to feel? 2) Is this product going to make me feel stronger and more self-assured, or is it going to take away my focus and drain my energy?

Your body and mind are beautiful and uniquely your own. If you take a little extra time to tweak your style to foster and support the personality you have and the mindset you want, you will feel confident choosing pieces that work best for you. Whether you’re competing in the ring or just putting together your equestrian #ROOTD, choose items that make you feel connected, proud, and inspired. You will definitely feel the difference as you go about your day.

Feature photo of Laine Ashker at the Kentucky Three-Day Event horse inspection. Photo by Sportfot.

Written by Cheryl Witty-Castillo

Cheryl is a former competitive figure skater turned book nerd and equestrian sport junkie. She views the written word and photography as an intimate conversation with the power to both tell an individual's story and unite a community with a shared passion. When she isn't writing or teaching, Cheryl loves spending time at home with her babies and their various furry rescue pets and carnivorous plants.