Edwina Tops-Alexander Gets Real on Motherhood in New Issue of Noëlle Floyd Magazine

Edwina Tops-Alexander Gets Real on Motherhood in New Issue of Noëlle Floyd Magazine

Get inside the newest issue of Noëlle Floyd Magazine, out now. Want a peek between the covers? Here's a small sample of what you can expect:

- After winning the Grand Prix Hermès in Paris in 2017, Edwina Tops-Alexander announced her pregnancy to the world. Questions loomed: how would this affect the Queen of Show Jumping's long-standing reign as one of the top show jumpers in the world? A year after daughter Chloè's birth, she reflects on her life-changing transition into motherhood.

- A few years ago, cloning was a controversial topic but, as science and technology progress, attitudes have begun to change. We asked: as clones begin to emerge in competition rings around the globe, will sport, as we know it, ever be the same?

- We spend the day at home with Boyd and Silva Martin at Windurra USA to see how they cultivate champions of eventing and dressage.

And so, so much more.

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