What We Want: 6 Things Our Editors Are Lusting After This Season

What We Want: 6 Things Our Editors Are Lusting After This Season

Our Noëlle Floyd offices have evolved into this kind of revolving door of equestrian fashion. For the stylistically-inclined, it's downright intoxicating and, some might say, a tad distracting. We see so many amazing pieces of clothing, accessories, footwear, and more pass over our desks, our staffers are literally left salivating over, pining for, and coveting thy coworker’s latest finds. Adding to our ever increasing heart palpitations is this current transition into the winter season.

Long story short, it’s style chaos over here, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. With Christmas quickly approaching we decided to funnel and document all of this crazed energy, cornered six of our staffers, gave them a chill pill, and asked them to fess up on what they are currently obsessing over. Here are our results. And you’re welcome.

Noëlle Floyd, Chief Executive Officer, Outdoorsy Type, Bad Ass Fearless Leader

Miasuki Charlotte Grey Tweed Jacket

Im loving my Miasuki Charlotte Grey Tweed Jacket at the moment – I can wear it formally or casually. The cut and fit is spot on, plus the jacket is surprisingly warm and cozy making it a perfect layering piece. Right now, I love the juxtaposition of wearing it with my oversized Adidas t-shirt and Stan Smiths.

Whitney Weeks, NF.Insider Director, Outerwear Addict

Alexa Fairchild Freedom Rider Jacket

Each and every fall my search for the perfect coat commences, and I fell in love with this Alexa Fairchild bomber at first sight. Its the perfect layer to add interest to a basic look or toughen up a more romantic piece. Id pair it with a white t-shirt, light washed jeans, and a boot or over a dark floral dress to mix it up.

I cant stop thinking about it, I must have it, and have every intention of succeeding in this coat acquisition.

Kristin Stine, Community Director, All-Black Everything, Dry Shampoo Advocate

Saddle Club New Mexico Jacket

“Ever since wearing camo became a fashionable thing, I’ve been on board. I love how it’s now being tastefully incorporated into equestrian lifestyle clothing. Two words: patches and fit! Saddle Club has infused their own fresh style on the traditional military jacket concept that makes it one of the chicest and most versatile pieces in my closet.

The New Mexico Jacket elevates any day-to-day ensemble, but add a spritz of dry shampoo to the helmet hair, throw it over your riding outfit, and what was your grungy post-ride look is now the ‘you look so cute for just getting done at the barn’ look.

(Check out more Saddle Club styles here)

The clothes are fantastic (slight obsession), but what I equally love about Saddle Club as a brand is their dedication to raising awareness for and benefiting American wild and rescue horses. Fun fact: 20 percent of their proceeds go to 501(c)3 rescue organizations.”

Erin Lane, Managing Editor, Wrangler of Weenie Dogs, Bodysuit Believer

Free x Rein Elite Bodysuit

I'm currently working through a deep obsession with my Free x Rein bodysuits. I literally live in a bodysuit – there's something so chic about the silhouette – plus, I'm constantly running between my home office, meetings, the barn, shows, and the occasional outing to the wine bar (a girl's got to live). Living in Southern California I've very much embraced the easy casual style, and being able to take off my breeches post-ride and throw on some high-waisted shorts and a wide-brim hat and look semi-presentable (not going to lie - I'm 100 percent rolling with staying sweaty and smelling like horses) makes my life a lot easier. I have a little bit of a bodysuit addiction and have all of Free x Rein's styles, but my go-to is the Elite – it's super lightweight, flattering, and is a total chameleon – I can show in the jumper ring or go out to dinner. It's the best thing that's happened to my closet since black leggings.”

Caroline Culbertson, Editor-In-Chief, Animal Lover, Thanksgiving Table Black Sheep

Fratelli Fabbri VEG Riding Boots

Right now its all about my new pair of Fratelli Fabbri vegan riding boots: the Fabbri VEG. I've never owned any vegan tack, equipment, or equestrian apparel because every time I'd try a faux leather, it just didn't compare to the traditional animal leather in terms of quality and function. Specifically, it always felt plastic-y and slippery to me – not the recipe for safety with young horses. However, in my heart of hearts, I never feel 100 percent at ease buying animal leather. Animal welfare is a concern of mine, and it's nice to put my money where my mouth is after being a vegetarian for over a decade, studying environmental science in college, and preaching to my family about their animal consumption habits in the most annoying way possible.

This boot really shocked me in every way – the fit and construction are actually better than my pricey leather tall boots. Due to a strip of elastic give in the back of the boot, they fit just as well after my honeymoon in Italy – where many a glass of wine and bite of pasta were consumed – as they did pre-nuptials. While I haven't walked a full cross-country course three times over in these boots yet, the sole of the boot is very comfortable thus far – and I've put Dr. Scholl's inserts in all of my tall boots (and most of my paddock boots) in the past.

Next up, I'll be putting them to the test on a few different horses, in a few different degrees of unpredictable New Jersey weather. I'm eager to see how these bad boys break in, but so far, I'm genuinely impressed by how well this vegan boot is designed and made.

Emilie Gaffney, NF.Shop Director, Adult Ammie Hunter, Self-Confessed BBQ Addict

Oughton The City Lux M Bag

“My favorite thing to spend money on, besides my horse, is a killer handbag. Naturally, it feels serendipitous that my two favorites have collided in this beautiful bag by Oughton. The saddle silhouette flap is interchangeable and made from the most amazingly luxe Italian leather. This one’s on my wishlist for sure! (Ahem, take note, husband. Christmas is right around the corner).”

Written by Alli Addison

Rode-before-she-could-walk California girl Alli Addison spends her days in the whirlwind that is kids, husband, career, horses and real life. She favors Cubano-Style lattes, black and white stripes, gel manicures and a good pair of sweatpants. She also continues to ask Santa for a dappled grey jumper, year after year, to no avail.