Happy Holidays From Our Barn to Yours

Happy Holidays From Our Barn to Yours

Do you hear that? The jingling of bells, Santa’s black boots tiptoeing around the fireplace, the faint sound of hooves on the roof? It sounds a lot like Christmas is here.

This holiday season, let's rejoice in the time spent with friends, family, and our beloved horses. Take a load off – seriously, take your tall boots and helmet off – kick back, and relax with some eggnog (a warm cup of mulled wine will work, too) or hot cocoa. Feel the holiday spirit, fully embrace the jolly Christmas tunes (we’re forever indebted to Michael Bublé and James Taylor), and turn the oven on high to make the roast, but don’t burn the bread pudding, please.

We’re indescribably grateful for all of our dedicated readers, fellow horse lovers, grooms, owners, cheerleaders, pony moms, sponsors, farriers, veterinarians, and of course, our incredible horses. It's been a truly amazing year and we are beyond honored to be on this ride with you all.

So, in the spirit of the festive season, let’s make a toast. Happy Christmahanakwanzika from all of us at Noëlle Floyd!

Feature photo by Leslie Threlkeld.