A Rider's Closet: At Home With Jessica Springsteen

A Rider's Closet: At Home With Jessica Springsteen

Whether inside the competition ring or out on the town, every rider wants to feel good in the clothes she wears. With hair still damp from a post-ride shower and espresso in hand, Jessica Springsteen invited us into her home in Wellington, Florida, to share her favorite pieces and how riding has informed her effortless personal style.

“Especially when I was growing up, riding made my style a lot more classic. When we were younger and doing equitation and hunters, it was sort of drilled into you to always be somewhat polished. Boots polished, have your belt on, have your collar!

Now as I’ve gotten older, it’s been kind of nice to make it a little more relaxed and try different types of shirts and breeches to have a little bit more fun with my personal style. It’s nice to incorporate a little bit more athletic wear. I feel like I’ve always loved a white button down, jeans … just a clean, fresh look that’s kind of timeless.

I only show in Equiline. I just think that they’re the most flattering for my body, especially these ones with the pockets on the back. They’re really classic, not so see-through. When I train I love For Horses, I think they’re one of the most flattering. I also love Ego7. The fabric is really comfortable. I also use Cavalleria Toscana to school in every day.

I have two Ralph Lauren belts, but day-to-day I love a traditional Argentine belt. I love the neutral colors and they go with everything.

For showing, I really love the Cavalleria Toscana shirts. They’re just really comfortable. I like the Lululemon long sleeve tee-shirts to school in to cover your arms — I’ve been trying to wear long sleeves as much as possible to protect my skin from the sun. I also love the men’s Cavalleria Toscana shirts; they’re kind of like a white button down, and they’re super comfortable. They’re performance fabric and so soft and amazing.

Cavalleria Toscana: I think the jackets fit really nicely, and they’re so easy to wash, too.

I started wearing KASK helmets when I was ready for a new look. I loved the Charles Owen but KASK is so generous and nice. I actually got one with a little bit of glitter on it, which I never thought I would do, but it’s really fun!

I’m sponsored by Parlanti and truly love their boots. They’re really easy to break in and they are super comfortable, especially the Parlanti Passion. You can get them and then show in them that same day, which is amazing, especially if you’re at a show and your boot breaks - you can run and grab a pair right off the rack.

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I’ve used Roeckl gloves forever!

This is the watch that Lorenzo (de Luca) got me. I used to never wear a watch, but it’s small so you don’t feel it when you ride which is nice. My mom just gave me this bracelet for my birthday.

This necklace is from my grandma, she gave it to me on my 18th birthday. I never take it off. It’s the one thing I always keep on.

Morrocan Oil I just love. I put a little bit in my hair when I get out of the shower and it keeps it from getting frizzy. They make an amazing dry shampoo, it smells so good and works so well. The base [foundation] from Chanel is really nice, it’s 40 SPF and it just makes your skin look really even after you put it on. So it’s nice to put on in the morning; it’s really quick and easy. Then just spray as much perfume as possible to fight the heat down here [laughs]. The perfume is Dolce & Gabbana. They actually gave it to — I think — all the female riders at the Saint-Tropez Longines show over the summer, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

[INSIDER] What do top riders do on their day off?

Down here’s it’s really nice because there are so many classes around. I love to do Pure Barre and I love Core Evolution. I love to jog, but it’s hard down here [with the heat].

What’s always in your purse?
Chapstick, definitely. I got this amazing one from Sephora called Bite and I really became addicted to it. I always have a wallet and my phone, of course. I don’t really carry purses recently. One thing I’m really obsessed with is that I got a phone case from Amazon that clips on to your belt, because phones never fit in your pockets, and it’s amazing.

Still looking for the perfect …
Sports Bra.”

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Photos by Kate Metzner for NoelleFloyd.com.