A Guide for the BOGO 50% Off NF.shop Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) Sale

A Guide for the BOGO 50% Off NF.shop Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) Sale

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and have no access to a calendar, let alone the internet, you might have heard there’s a little day called Black Friday coming up. Your inbox has likely already been flooded with emails touting the big deals for the day, and it can become hard to wade through all the noise to get to the good stuff.

Well let me tell you, we’ve got the good stuff right here. If you’re like most equestrians and more into big eq than big screens, you’ll want to check out this handy little guide to our Black Friday sale here at NF.shop. ‘Cause, let’s face it, most of us would rather get a deal on new breeches than a new blender any day. And if I’m ever going to risk getting trampled, it’s going to be from a horse, not an angry mob at midnight on Thanksgiving trying to get their hands on a doorbuster deal. So here is your ticket to stay home in your PJs, have another slice of pumpkin pie, shop from the comfort of your sofa and get a deal on what you really want.

Here’s how it works: We have a special selection of some of our favorite brands and styles that we are offering up as part of our amazing Buy One Get One Half Off Black Friday sale. Pick anything from that group as your ‘Buy One’ and get anything else of equal or lesser value half off. That’s right half, as in 50 percent.

If you’re starting to get that kid in a candy store feeling right about now and are wondering how you’ll ever choose; we’ve got you covered with some food for thought to whet your Thanksgiving/Black Friday appetite.

These are just some ideas to help you get started. Anything in the Black Friday selection is available to mix and match as part of this sale!

Get A New Show Outfit

Start the winter season off with some fresh new show duds that will have you feeling ready to crush your show ring goals for the New Year.

Buy One:

Asmar Equestrian Westminster Show Jacket

Choose Your Get One Half Off:

EQUO Breech in Tryon Tan

Criniēre Margot Show Shirt in Burgundy

Asmar Equestrian Costa Cooling Shirt in Black

Get a New Schooling Outfit

Step up your schooling game and make all your barn friends jealous.

Buy One:

Callidae C Breech in Black

Choose Your Get One Half Off:

Anique Signature Quarter Zip Shirt in Desert Rose

Callidae Long Sleeve Practice Shirt in White/Black + White Stripe

Asmar Equestrian AE Logo Long Sleeve in Grey

For the Accessory Lover or the Big Gift Giver

We have a ton of great accessories included in the sale, but for those of you who like to go for the one big gift, might we suggest the GPA Travel Bag? And just a note, purchasing this bad boy as your buy one gets you to access to anything else included in the sale half off. (even another GPA bag!)

Buy One:

Adi Kissilevich GPA Travel Bag in Red

Choose Your Get One Half Off:

Oughton City Lux M in Brown Bluff on Navy

C.S. Simko Belt in three colors

Oughton Gate Belt in Brown Burnished

Adi Kissilevich Silk In Love Scarf in Cream

Head on over to NF.shop on Friday to start shopping! The sale starts at midnight Thanksgiving and ends at midnight Cyber Monday.

Feature photo Pooya Nabei.