Karen Polle's Boots Are Taking Her to New Heights

Karen Polle's Boots Are Taking Her to New Heights

In partnership with Parlanti.

For Japanese-American show jumper, Karen Polle, it’s all about enjoying the ride. Her bond with her partner of eight years, With Wings, always comes first. A passion for the sport is a very close second.

Placing 21st in the individual competition at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC – her first major championship – Karen showed the world that she and 'Wingy' have what it takes to make their mark on the world stage, laying down the rounds of a lifetime, oozing with power and speed, while looking like a gosh-darn Maclay medal rider. So what’s her secret to looking good and performing at the top of her game? She's got a few, that's for sure, but one thing always stays consistent: the boots on her feet as she climbs the proverbial ladder are always Parlanti.

Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

NoëlleFloyd.com: Ok, spill - why do you love these boots so much?

Karen Polle: I’ve tried a bunch of brands over the years and Parlantis are the most comfortable and fit my legs the best. They break in the fastest and I also like their look – it’s a very fitted, sleek look, which is important to me.

NF: Which boot is your go-to when riding?

KP: I love the new Passion K boot. The base of the boot looks more like a sneaker and is a lot more comfortable to walk in. It’s really nice because as riders, we’re on our feet all day whether we’re walking courses or riding. In other boots, my feet hurt at the end of the day, but now my feet never bother me. I found it to be much more comfortable once I started wearing the Passion K boot.

NF: What’s the most important thing to you when searching for the perfect boot to train, school, and compete in?

KP: I would say the comfort – that’s really important to me. I’ve tried other boots over the years and I’ve worn them so many times but never felt like they were broken in and I always felt as if I were wearing a new pair of boots. With my Parlantis, I feel like I don’t even notice that they’re there. If you can forget you’re wearing a boot, that’s a good thing.

Photo by Thomas Reiner.

NF: Many riders have a special pair of boots that are sentimental or lucky for them. Do you?

KP: I had this one pair of Parlanti boots that I had for over two years. I wore them every time I rode – I don’t ride in half-chaps or anything – so I wore my boots every day, multiple horses a day. They had so many holes in them and patched them up so many times, but they were good luck boots to me and I couldn’t let them go. Finally, I had to give in and let them go this past December because they were so beat up that I couldn’t wear them anymore. But then I got a new pair of Parlantis and ended up being happier. But I did keep my old pair of boots!

NF: Fill in the blank: “I ____ in my Parlantis.”

KP: I ride to win in my Parlantis.

Feature photo by Shannon Brinkman.