Stories of Our Lives:'s Most Read Articles of 2018

Stories of Our Lives:'s Most Read Articles of 2018

At Noëlle Floyd, we’re dedicated to producing quality content that serves to entertain, educate, and inspire our loyal readers. In 2018, we launched NF 2.0, merging the separate sport and style websites into one and widening our focus to include all three equestrian Olympic disciplines. We also launched NF.insider, a subscription-based platform that gives you exclusive inside access to the stables, training routines, and lifestyles of top riders around the world.

Community and connection is at the core of everything we create here at Noëlle Floyd. Our unending mission is to honor the bond between horses and riders, to celebrate the connections we develop with other riders and the horses we love, and unite riders all over the world in this journey of horsemanship.

Looking back on the stories told in 2018, it’s clear to us that you, the reader, want to learn as much as you can about being a good horseman (or horsewoman) and embrace the magic of horses and their ability to bring joy, health, and purpose to our lives.

This year, we will continue to tell the incredible stories of horse people just like you, seek out educated horsemen to share their knowledge, and follow the remarkable journeys of the equestrian athletes, both two-legged and four.

As we welcome the New Year, let’s take a look back and celebrate your favorite stories. Here are the most-read articles of 2018. Enjoy! Top 5

1. What McLain Ward Said About Horses Is a Lesson For All of Us

2. Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook Had Everyone's Dream Equestrian Wedding This Weekend

3. What Separates Mentally Strong Riders from the Rest of the Pack: Ten Habits You Should Adopt Now

4. I'm Not Rich and I'm Not the Trainer's Kid. This Is What It's Really Like to Become a Young Professional

5. Dear Young Riders: Two Pieces of Wisdom From Kent Farrington

NF.insider Top 5

1. ‘I Thought I Would Never Ride Again’: How Ashlee Bond Fell Back in Love with Horses

2. 'I Work Really Hard... I'm Not the Most Naturally Gifted Rider': Ashlee Harrison on Putting in the Work, Breaking Barriers, & Returning to the Show Ring

3. Piggy French's Young Horse Training Series: Breaking and Training Your Three-Year-Old, Building Confidence for the Long Game, Building a Future for a Five-Year-Old

4. Masterclass: Living Legend Leslie Law on 'Making It' As a Competitive Rider

5. Jeroen Dubbeldam Is Watching Beezie Take Over the World on His Horses, and He's All About It

Feature photo by Alli Addison.