Laine Ashker Voted 2018 Stylish Equestrian of the Year

Laine Ashker Voted 2018 Stylish Equestrian of the Year

If you're lucky enough to attend a horse inspection where four-star eventer Laine Ashker is competing, you're in for a jog strip treat. From a sweet collared lace dress with a perfect sock bun, to an elegant equine print dress with a cinched waist, to her edgier daytime outfits that embody her bold eventing spirit, Laine is one of those rare women who can pull off a variety of styles and looks perfectly at home in each one.

Out of the competition ring, she is a reliable inspiration for a stand out #ROOTD. She debunks the assumption that horse girls wear grimy jeans and stained shirts or only ever sport tussled hair and dirty fingernails. Take a look at Laine's buzzing social media presence and you'll see what I mean. Her outfits are bold yet sophisticated, her make-up is flawless, and she is the selfie queen.

But Laine's fierce and fashionable style goes beyond her attire. She's kind and approachable to her many fans. She is dedicated to education, from maintaining a packed clinic schedule to openly analyzing her own triumphs and tribulations. She's also the first to celebrate her friends' successes and lift the spirits of those who are struggling. No matter what kind of breeches or saddles are in style, compassion and friendship will always be trendy.

"I want to thank all the stylers, profilers, and riders out there for their ongoing support and naming me most stylish equestrian in 2018!" Laine said. "It’s a win I don’t take lightly and I promise to keep the trend going in years to come! #LAEsquad."

An off-track Thoroughbred enthusiast, Laine develops many of her horses from their first fence to the international ranks. Read her advice for overcoming a lapse in communication between a green horse and his rider.

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Feature photo by Shannon Brinkman.