America’s new ‘golden girl,’ Adrienne Sternlicht, has two feet firmly rooted on the ground – a natural groundedness that is increasingly impressive when you look at the lightning-fast trajectory of her professional riding career. There’s something else there too; an excitement that seems to radiate off the 25-year-old rider.

The up-and-comer, a member of the NetJets U.S. Show Jumping Team at this year's World Equestrian Game, is a perfect lesson in juxtaposition – focused and collected while simultaneously wearing her heart on her sleeve. She famously wept tears of joy at the official World Equestrian Games press conference in Tryon, N.C., following Team USA’s thrilling gold medal victory. She candidly shares her experiences and feelings in a way that is exceptionally refreshing in the world of sports. Digging deeper, she seems quite careful to not let all of this newfound stardom go to her head. She’s here to make her mark as an athlete, but she hasn’t forgotten to enjoy the ride – especially when that ride in on board her horse of a lifetime, a gold medal hanging around her neck.

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Wilhelm Genn has always been a man of hope. Fresh off a World Cup Qualifier win in Sacramento, CA, that hope is proving to be a smart thing to hold onto.

Hope is what drove him when he gave up opportunities in his home nation of Germany to start his Rheinland Farm operation in the U.S. with his wife, Patricia, more than 30 years ago. And it’s what he held on to as his two youngest sons Theo and Ryan grew up on the farm and sat astride their first Shetland Ponies, Pumpkin Pie, and Chocolate Chip.

Wilhelm hoped Theo and Ryan would catch on and join the family business, but he didn’t pressure them. He had to wait until both boys were in their teens for them to show interest in the sport of show jumping, but the Genn trio is now strongly making their presence known, with all three succeeding in the Grand Prix ranks across the country.

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