The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Breeches For Your Body

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Breeches For Your Body

We all know that not everyone is shaped the same, so when it comes to finding the perfect pair of breeches, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. All of our shapes, sizes, and curves are unique to every woman and it’s important to highlight the beauty in each difference – especially when our riding clothes are involved. Despite the dream of looking great and fitting in every pair of pants, we, unfortunately, don’t live in the world of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where one pair magically works for us all.

Turn the clock back twenty years, and breeches were all created equally made from unflattering non-breathable fabrics. Fast forward to today, thanks to new technologies and fashion evolutions, equestrian companies have learned how to compliment every woman’s body to make her look, feel, and perform at her best.

The most important takeaway from all of this? Knowing which design and brands that fit your features best to ultimately enhance your body shape. With endless choices from fabrics, zipper, and waist styles, breeches are fulfilling every riders dream of feeling comfortable and stylish when in the saddle. Instead of trial by fire, we’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping and compiled a list of stylish breeches for every body type out there.

For the petite rider: Equo

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Never worry about length again with Equo. The smooth cut through the hip flatters all body types – especially for those with shorter legs. With a natural rise through the waist – the perfect combination between mid-rise and low-rise – these breeches are second to none in fit and quality. An added bonus? Equo features trendy piping and detailing to help you stand out of the crowd (for all the best reasons).

For the long and lanky rider: F.WORDS


F. Words is known for its high-quality fabrics and custom-like fit. The pull-on sock hem is perfect for those long-legged riders who are so over having their breeches hit their mid-calf. Made in New York City, these breeches also feature thigh pockets for cell phones, are UV-blocking and are made from moisture-controlling and breathable fabrics.

For the curvy rider: Struck

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If you’re in search of the perfect breeches that properly shows off and supports your derriere, Struck should be your go-to. Their breeches are cut to fit you like a glove and featured contoured knees and stretch seams to eliminate those unwanted pressure points. Made from Schoeller Prestige™ fabric, these breeches have some serious stretch and will keep their shape ride after ride.

For the athletically-built rider: For Horses

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Another pair of breeches featuring the unique pull-on sock hem, For Horses breeches are the perfect combination of elegance and durability. Their mid-waist cut perfectly shapes your silhouette and gives you an added push-up effort for extra comfort. If you’re a rider needing a little extra shape, For Horses is your go-to.

For the rider who wants to feel confident: Free x Rein

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Let’s face it ladies, all we really want in life is to feel comfortable and feminine in our riding pants. Thanks to Free x Rein’s four-way stretch, wide waistband, and mid-rise, these breeches are flattering no matter what your size is. Being confident is key when it comes to feeling your best, and these breeches will give you that boost of confidence to be ready to take on the world (or show ring.)

For the in-between riders: Callidae

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For those riders whose body type fit in multiple categories, have no fear, Callidae is here. Not only do these breeches have four-way stretch (a major plus!) these pants hug you in all the right places, fitting to all types of bodies. Not only is the wide waistband a major plus, but the yellow piping around the ankle the gives a pop of color.

When we created, we envisioned a place where all breeches for all bodies would come together. Finally, that dream is a reality, and your perfect pant is at your fingertips.