Hello, Hampton Classic, the Horse Show Dreams are Made Of

Hello, Hampton Classic, the Horse Show Dreams are Made Of

Once a year, riders from all levels of our sport flock to the small resort town of Bridgehampton, New York to participate in one of the most competitive yet stylish events of the year – the Hampton Classic, a.k.a., “the Classic”.

A highly anticipated weekend for celebrities and equestrians alike, the Hampton Classic masters the art of staying true to tradition but with a unique, very 'Hamptons' flair. Held at the end of each summer, the Classic is the perfect farewell to the season. With one-of-a-kind and fashion-forward shopping boutiques, extremely competitive Leadline (seriously) and Grand Prix classes – this horse show should be on the top of your bucket list to attend, whether you're on horseback or just attending on your own two legs.

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Leadline judge and Olympian, Joe Fargis, imparts wisdom on a future star. Photo by Kiley Bates.

If the Hamptons aren't your thing, let me convince you as to why it should be. Despite it's intimidating yet well-known name, the Hamptons are a place for prime relaxation. Can you name one person who would be opposed to drinking a fabulous cocktail (or mocktail) by the beach while enjoying some of the best sunsets? No – didn't think so. And when you add top-level competition and the pure joy of horsemanship from every level, there's truly nothing better. Plus, celebrity sightings. And I'm not just talking about the world's best riders. It's a show that attracts Hollywood royalty as well as Olympians, and everyone in-between.

Georgina Bloomberg proudly supporting the EQUUS Foundation. Photo by Kiley Bates.

So what are you waiting for? Whip out your summer whites one last time, strap on a pair of sandals, and head to the Hamptons. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Well-known sandal brand, Katharine Page, is on the top of our shopping list. Photo by Kiley Bates.

For more information about the Hampton Classic, click here.

Feature photo by Shawn McMillen.