Vegan is the New Leather: Robert Dover Launches Animal-Friendly Tack and Apparel Company, ROBERT-SQUARED

Vegan is the New Leather: Robert Dover Launches Animal-Friendly Tack and Apparel Company, ROBERT-SQUARED

We all know where leather comes from, but no one likes to talk about it. It’s time we acknowledge the big elephant in the room that is our leather-use in equestrian sport. We’re all animal lovers here, and many of us struggle with the customary daily use of leather tack and apparel. With that internal battle in mind, Robert Dover was inspired to jump-start a change in the industry and develop an animal-friendly product line that still looks the part of the stylish equestrian. Four-time Olympic medalist, trainer to the stars, the Noëlle Floyd team’s proclaimed life coach, and now a leader in conscientious equestrian fashion, is there anything this living legend can’t do?

Leather has long been a mainstay in equestrian life. A staple and reliable material for our many equipment needs due to its durability and longevity, it might seem impossible for an industry so rooted in tradition to evolve beyond the use of this animal by-product. But that stops now. As the modern world enters into a more environmentally aware sphere, it’s imperative that equestrian culture follows suit. And thanks to Robert and his partner, Robert Ross, that’s changing today.

No matter what your discipline is, you'll want to hear these wise words from Robert Dover. They will change the way you view your riding.

Inspired by the revolutionary eco- and animal-friendly car company, Tesla, which uses only vegan leather in their interiors, Dover and Ross are starting a revolution in the equestrian tack and apparel industries with the launch of ROBERT-SQUARED. In collaboration with Charlie Tota of The Dressage Connection, ROBERT-SQUARED offers top-of-the-line crafted vegan tack and apparel for the dressage, jumper, ponies, and hunter disciplines. Not only will ROBERT-SQUARED feature the highest quality saddles and bridles, the line will also feature boots, gloves, and belts for riders. And don’t worry, they didn’t forget about our canine companions either, as they can be outfitted with animal-friendly collars and leashes, too.

When we think of synthetic products, we might think of sub-standard quality, but ROBERT-SQUARED is different. Who knew that vegan leather could feel so real? I, for one, didn’t think it was possible. But not only are all of the ROBERT-SQUARED products super easy to clean with soap and water, there’s no oil necessary to “break it in”, which means you can say goodbye to stained riding breeches and painful blisters from new boots.

This company is so animal friendly, 10 percent of profits from ROBERT-SQUARED will go to animal foundations and charities including the Brooke Foundation, Animal Equality International, Danny and Ron’s Rescue, and the Equestrian Aid Foundation.

As co-founders, Dover and Ross are “extremely proud to be incorporating our life-long experience as horsemen along with our passion for the ethical treatment of animals to create this amazing, top quality line of luxury vegan equestrian ware.”

Are you excited as we are to celebrate this incredible step forward? Come celebrate the launch of ROBERT-SQUARED on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 at 2130 Windsock Way, Wellington, Fla. and learn how vegan is the new leather.

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Feature photo by Shannon Brinkman.