What 20 Top Equestrians Want For Christmas

What 20 Top Equestrians Want For Christmas

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all my gifts from last year. I love all of them, especially those scrumptious apple, carrot, and molasses treats from Mrs. Claus. But to be honest, just spending time with my rider and groom is all that I really wanted.

I think I’ve been quite good this year, except for the few times I stopped at fences – but we can forget that, they had water underneath them! This year I’m asking for something different. Instead of gifts for myself, please bring these wishes to my horse-loving friends.


The Horse

Luciana Diniz: “My wish is to spend a wonderful Christmas in Brazil and start a great 2019 promoting my new riding camps around the world.”

Harrie Smolders: “Spending time with my family is the biggest gift!”

Caroline Martin: “Someone to buy me a new horse!”

Cathrine Dufour: “My biggest wish isn’t a thing but is to be able to bring my two superstars Cassidy and Bohemian to absolute top level in 2019.”

Boyd Martin: “An indoor arena!”

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Karen Polle: “I asked for a big photo print of Wings!”

Frankie Thieriot-Stutes: “A nap. With the whole bed to myself.”

Jackie Siu: “A pair of bespoke Celeris riding boots with sheepskin lining, perfect for the cold weather ahead! And if Santa doesn’t get them for me, I’ll be ordering myself a pair in the New Year!”

Juan Matute Guimon: “Winter socks and winter riding gloves! It’s starting to get really cold in Spain, and I’m not used to real winter because I’ve spent the last 10 winters in Wellington!”

Ashlee Bond: “That my new GPA 4S Concept helmet gets here!”

Phillip Dutton: “A nice easy family day.”

Jeroen Dubbeldam: “Being home with my girlfriend Annelies and my children Rick, Chris, and Nina. Eating gourmet and cheese fondue – nice and quiet!”

Laine Ashker: “At the top of my Christmas wish list I’d like to ask Santa to bring me a well dressed, successful, eloquent, strikingly handsome boyfriend that stands over 6’2” and absolutely loves to spend his time with my horses, birds, and myself. If he were honest, loyal, and adored Chipotle as much as I do that would be a mega perk! …. Oh and peace on earth.”

John Michael Durr: “A safe year for my family, horses, students, and all the riders that venture around the cross country courses I design.”

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum: “Health for my family! Without a doubt!”

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Doug Payne: “We are in the process of building a new barn just north of Durham, N.C. If Santa could arrange some more sun and turn off the water that would be great!”

Adrienne Lyle: "I've asked Santa for perfect self-carriage for all my horses!”

Brian Moggre: “Custom D Teq Equifit boots, Julie Ferris portraits of my horses, Equiline and Animo breeches, Hermès Oscar buckle belt, JOTT puffer jacket, a cashmere sweater, a Cavalleria Toscana vest, a Samshield backpack, and Apple AirPods.”

Eve Jobs: “Two things – 1. A new Miss Shield Samshield helmet (perhaps a glossy one) and 2. Some really nice laundry detergent for my school dorm.”

Elisa Wallace: “A camera for the inside of my trailers so I can see the horses when we’re shipping.”

Original photos by Erin Gilmore, Thomas Reiner, Dani Maczynski, Henry Recinos, Andreas Pollak.