A Note from Noelle Floyd



Where has the time gone?

Since I hit ‘publish’ on my very first blog post six years ago, the time has flown. We’ve launched a sport website, a consulting agency, a print magazine, a YouTube channel, and a lifestyle website. Each phase of this journey has been incredible thanks to the amazing dedication of an outstanding team.

In the world of ‘now’, we’re expected to move at a blistering pace. It’s always about what's next - your next job, your next promotion, your next horse, your next competition. This leaves little time or opportunity to be present and mindful of what we have right now. There’s little time to reflect on how far we’ve come.

NF is evolving. But before we unveil our next chapter, we’re turning the lights off. Breathing. Reflecting. Being present.

I want to start this next phase of NF with this question:


Why do we ride? Why do horses captivate our minds and lives? Why do we ride in the discipline that we do? Why do we wake up every morning and think about getting into that saddle?

While I can hardly wait to show you NF 2.0 and begin this new chapter with all of you, I want to take this chance to bridge a gap between the old and the new, the what and the why, the then and the now.

I hope you can take this journey with us, as we create discussion over the next 30 days and take time to reflect, to learn from one another, and to set the tone for what’s to come.


Noelle Floyd