Our Story

Launched in June of 2012 out of my bedroom in Brussels, I started NoëlleFloyd.com with the intention of telling stories about the sport of show jumping with humanity, humility and accessibility. I had been riding and working in Belgium for almost a year and I was overwhelmed by the connections, stories and life-changing advice I had received by some of the sport’s greats. I wanted to share those experiences and give the community within the sport a place to go - not just to learn who was winning what, but to have frank conversations about how those riders had gotten to where they were and what they’d learned along the way.



Riding is a human experience as much as a horse experience. Many riders dedicate their whole lives to horses and learn so much along the way - about themselves, about their sport, about life and, most importantly, about horsemanship. I wanted to share those learnings and contribute to a feeling of connection amongst riders around the world.

As the blog has grown, our community has grown to include more than show jumping riders. Now, we’re connecting with dressage riders, eventers, polo players, hunter riders, equitation riders and lifestyle riders. In the same way my own riding has evolved over the years, our mission has evolved to unite riders from every discipline, and every level – from riders who attend the Olympic Games, to those who aim to attend their first horse show. Riding is a way of life and we aim to celebrate that in every way.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor the bond between horses and riders and to celebrate the connections we develop with other riders and the horses we love.

Our mission is to give back to the community that has given us so much, in a way that changes the equestrian community for the better and allows both horses and riders everywhere to enjoy this way of life.

Our mission is to unite in the journey. Whether you are aiming to compete in the Olympic games, compete in your first horse show, or learn the basics of tacking up, all riders matter. We want to unite riders all over the world in this journey of horsemanship.

Our Values

We believe that a life with horses is better than one without; that we are wiser as a community of riders and horse lovers than if we stand alone; that the stories from riders enrich our lives and strengthen our understanding of horsemanship; and that riders all over the world are not tribes of people but rather a nation of riders all powered by our love for the horse.

Our Vision

At the core of NoëlleFloyd.com is community and connection. I believe that riders all over the world want to learn more about themselves, about other riders, and about the horses we dedicate our lives to. Our vision at NF is to foster that connection through content, commerce and community.