A comprehensive approach to confidence as a rider, including practical exercises that get real results, regardless of your skill level or discipline.

Our interactive workbook takes the course from watching to doing for a practical approach that gets real results in the saddle.

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What you'll learn:

  • How to break past fears and traumas, for good
  • Tools to conquer nerves and anxiety
  • What separates confident riders from the rest
  • How confidence is really created
  • The mindset you need to be a successful, happy rider
  • Skills to stay present and focused in the saddle
  • How to turn confidence into real life results
  • A roadmap to achieve your goals

    Downloadable guided audio meditation and visualization to center you before any ride, lesson, or competition — right from your phone.


    Why NOËLLE FLOYD Masterclass?

    Bottom line: we believe in equestrian education, for all.

    We believe all riders should have access to the best education, training, and mentorship. Learning and growing shouldn’t be reserved for a select few — with so many talented, hard-working, passionate riders out there, we’re on a mission to bring top-level training to everyone.

    We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite riders, coaches, and trainers to bring you comprehensive video courses in horse sport like you’ve never seen before. Masterclasses are a combination of top tier clinics, one-on-one training, intimate conversations, and direct access to the ultimate level in equestrian education. It’s like your own personal coach, on demand.


    What our customers are saying:

    After I saw the video about lunging I went straight to the shop and bought myself a rope halter. I focused the following week on this way of lunging and had great results at the show later that weekend. Thank you! Adrian

    I just started this course and I'm thankful to have found it. My mare is coming back into hard work after ovarian surgery. She was rearing before the surgery due to pain from a tumor. After nearly a year off, we are finally training and competing again. I'm finding my confidence took a big hit with her lay-up. The tools from this course are a big help! Thank you for sharing. Christina

    These masterclasses are very helpful. Especially with my young off the tack mare! She's already thinking things through and slowing down from voice more consistently. Victoria

    Annette Paterakis' Lesson Plan


    From Competitor to Confidence Coach

    Annette takes you through her background as a competitive rider and the struggles that she faced mentally and emotionally while aspiring to the international level. Her journey from competitor to confidence coach is full of important life lessons, relatable moments, and inspiring conversations — and impactful takeaways — with and from the world’s top riders.


    The Theory of Confidence

    Learn the science of confidence, how our brains are wired, and what becoming a confident rider actually means. From applied psychology presented in easy to understand terms, to lessons learned from studying the best riders in horse sport, this part of the course will help you discover why you might not be as confident as you could be, and how you 100% can overcome that.


    Let’s Talk Language — Self Talk, How We Speak, and Why It Matters

    The average person has 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day. Those thoughts shape how we feel about ourselves, how we make decisions, how we deal with pressure, and how confident we are on the horse. Learn how to master your thoughts and language through understanding and practical application.


    Body Language

    Beyond how our bodies affect our horses, our bodies have the power to influence our thoughts and feelings in a big way. This lesson teaches how and why our body language affects our confidence and exactly how to change the way you use your body to get real results.


    Mastering Your Mindset

    Confident riders are focused on improvement, not proving themselves. They don’t take mistakes personally, and they’re not hung up on results or outcomes. This all comes down to being in a growth mindset — a hallmark of mentally tough, successful riders. In this lesson, you’ll learn what mindset is, how your mindset is affecting your riding, and exactly how to ‘rewire’ your brain for confidence.


    Setting Goals the Right Way

    If you’re not reaching your riding goals, chances are you’re not setting your goals the right way. Learn Annette’s proven goal-setting system, work through goal-setting exercises, and gain the knowledge you need to be able to set goals that improve your confidence and get you results.


    Building Daily Habits That Change Your Mental Game

    Daily habits are actually much more impactful on your results in the ring than the habits that you practice at competitions or when under pressure. The most confident riders practice consistent, purposeful daily habits that set them up for success. Learn why habits matter, how to make them stick, and the exact morning and pre-competition routines that Annette uses with her top clients.


    Limiting Beliefs: What They Really Are, and What to Do About Them

    Limiting beliefs are subconscious beliefs that hold us back from reaching our potential. Often, we pick these up as children without even realizing it! Limiting beliefs can affect us in all areas of our riding and interactions with horses. In this lesson, Annette teaches how to identify and eliminate our limiting beliefs.


    Overcoming Bad Experiences and Fears

    Whether you’ve had a scary fall, were bitten or kicked, or just felt embarrassed or judged after a lousy ride, bad experiences of all kinds can set into our minds and become fears that keep us from enjoying riding and being brave. In this lesson, you’ll learn specific, targeted techniques to overcome your fears for good.


    Bringing It All Together to Get Results

    Annette ties her teachings together into an easy to follow roadmap that will build confidence over time, help you bounce back from fear or failure, and allow you to reconnect to the reason you fell in love with riding in the first place.