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Tik Maynard

The Tik Maynard Horsemanship Bundle

Dr. Jenny Susser

Teaches Becoming More Powerful Than Fear

Max Corcoran

Teaches Horse Care For All Seasons

Tonya Johnston

Teaches Becoming a Consistent Rider

Missy Clark

Teaches Recognizing and Riding the Distance to Jumps

Archie Cox

Teaches Standing Out In The Hunter Ring

Ian Millar

Teaches The Fundamentals Of Competitive Jumping

Annette Paterakis

Teaches Becoming a Confident Rider

Anne Kursinski

Teaches Bringing Out The Best In Your Horse

Tik Maynard Teaches Introducing Play with Your Horse

See the transformative power of play mindset

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"I appreciate the care that was put into choosing instructors that are tuned into the amateur rider and trustworthy enough for me to feel comfortable with what my clients are learning. I also appreciate that the courses are easy for clients to use alongside my program and actually complement my training style. Thanks for caring about the trainers who are dedicated to their students’ and horses’ success and well-being!" 

- Jasmin S.

"I saw Anne Paterakis’ Masterclass and decided to test her methods - they worked wonders. I also used many of Anne Kursinki’s and Ian Millar’s suggestions on how to work with my horse under stress. As a result, I had a fabulous first show, was calm and placed 6th. I would not be able to be so relaxed during the show without the Masterclasses. I work every day with my workbooks and listen to masterclasses every time I drive in the car. Both I and my trainer have seen a great improvement in my skills while jumping and dressage training and mental abilities to cope with stress."

- Agnieszka N.

"While I work regularly with my trainer, working through the Masterclass videos and workbooks has given me new ideas and inspiration to help my horse be the best he can be. The teachers have all explained things at a level where I sit back and think "wow, he/she is right, that totally makes sense" and it was such basic knowledge that we sometimes don't stop to remember in the daily push of training and competing."

- Roberta W.