International Riders List for Sweden International Horse Show CSI4*

Friends Arena, Swedish International Horse Show. Ph: Roland Thunholm

Peter Fredricson leads a select roster of international show jumpers set to compete this week at the Sweden International Horse Show CSI4* in Stockholm, Sweden. Fredricson, who won the 2014 Grand Prix with H&M Sibon, will look to keep the top placings with Swedish riders at this four-day event that also includes. dressage, pony divisions and indoor eventing competitions. November 26 – 29th, more information here:

International Riders List:

BEL Belgium
PHILIPPAERTS, Nicola 51 H&M Challenge v. Begijnakker, 52 H&M Quenzo de la Roque
PHILIPPAERTS, Olivier 53 Guidam van het Achterhoek, 54 H&M Carlito C
BRA Brazil
MÓDOLO ZANOTELLI, Marlon 55 Malou, 56 Rock’n Roll Semilly
GBR Great Britain
MAHER, Ben 57 Boomerang, 58 Diva II
WHITAKER, John 59 Castlefield Cristobal 21, 60 Lord Of Arabia
GER Germany
MICHAELS-BEERBAUM, Meredith 61 Apsara, 62 Comanche
IRL Ireland
ALLEN, Bertram 63 Belmonde, 64 Quiet Easy
NED Netherlands
VRIELING, Jur 65 Carrera VDL, 66 VDL Zirocco Blue N.O.P.
NOR Norway
GULLIKSEN, Geir 67 Edesa S Banjan, 68 Violetta D
SWE Sweden
ARVIDSSON, Niklas 69 Cobolt, 70 Hasard 1245
BARYARD-JOHNSSON, Malin 71 Cassius Clay, 72 Corporal Vdl
EKBERG, Jonna 73 Equita van’t Zorgvliet, 74 Freestyler
FREDRICSON, Peder 75 H&M All In, 76 H&M Sibon
LINDELÖW, Douglas 77 Balou’s Lady, 78 Talina
MORDASINI, Charlotte 79 Teqilla Top, 80 Tiny Toon Semilly
PERSSON, Helena 81 Bonzai H, 82 Yajamila
TOVEK, Evelina 83 Beezie, 84 Oz de Breve
VON ESSEN, Angelie 85 Tinkabell, 86 West Falica