Past, Present, Future: Centurion B


Centurion B and USA’s Lisa Goldman have an incredible history together, spanning from Centurion’s first jump to their first grand prix wins. Now, the 14-year-old Belgian Warmblood (Rebel I Z x Paloma G) will take Goldman to Europe, in what will be their first time competing overseas, after being named to the 2016 USEF Show Jumping Development Tour earlier this month.

In the midst of preparation for their travel to Belgium, we asked Goldman her thoughts on the past, present and the future of what’s to come for her veteran horse. Goldman’s gratitude and excitement are palpable as she describes her relationship with Centurion B and how their partnership developed from the ground up is now ‘making the dream happen’.

The Past:

  • Centurion B is American bred by Allyn Mccraken out of Bannockburn Farm in Patricksburg, Indiana; a little middle-of-nowhere town just outside Terre Haute.
  • My mom (Mary Goldman) was actually the first person to see/hear about him. She saw video of him free jumping and said she’d never seen a horse free jump like he did.
  • He was a 2, coming 3-year-old when we brought him home and he’s turning 14 this year. Twelve years later and we’ve done everything together. He jumped his first jump with me, I won my first Grand Prix with him, my first FEI class, first 1.60m track, first $ 1 Million track and now he’ll be my first Nations Cup horse.

The Present:

  • His barn name is Leo and he’s a total ham! He loves posing for pictures and being itched by his buddies, especially by my other horses, Morocco and Hindsight.
  • He gets excited and curious at the horse shows. He likes to stop while we’re walking and turn his head to the left, walk on and then stop and turn to the right just to look around at everything.
  • He just loves his job and loves being in the show ring.

The Future:

  • The Development Tour is really exciting. This will be both Leo and mine’s first time competing in Europe.
  • My mom made a sign for the Tour with split images of me on one of my first ponies to a picture of me at the grand prix level and it says “Making The Dream Happen.” Of course I cried.
  • Leo has done everything for me. This opportunity is incredible and I’m so happy that its him I’ll be taking on the Tour. I couldn’t imagine going on any other horse.