The Spanish & Italian Teams announced for Europeans Championships



The Spanish team has been selected for next week’s European Championships in Aachen, Germany.

The team will consist of:

Sergio Alvarez Moya with Carlo 273 or G&C Quitador Rochelais

Pilar Lucrecia Cordon with Gribouille du Lys

Eduardo Alvarez Aznar with Rockfeller de Pleville Bois Margot

Manuel Fernandez Saro with Enriques of the Lowlands

The traveling reserve is:

Gerardo Menendez Mieres with Cassino DC


Hans Horn has made his selections for the Italian team that will attend next week’s European Championships.

The team will consist of:

Piergiorgio Bucci on Catwalk Z

Daniele Augusto Da Rios on For Passion

Lorenzo De Luca on Erco van’t Roosakker or Geisha van Orshof

Juan Carlos Garcia on Gitano vd Berkenbroeck

Emanuele Gaudiano on Admara 2